Has America Become a Country of Cowardice?


Here, reading to you from Barry Weiss about what is happening in this country. The we got here because of cowardice we get out with courage. And she gives examples here. People fired. The Vermont school principal fired because she said she supports black lives, but not the organization Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is a hate organization. If you support it, you support hatred in this country. Undiluted, left wing, Marxist hatred. Okay, period. Everybody knows that. No, not everybody. Most people know that. Most people know much of what the left stands for is a lie. But you can't say it. I say it. Just as I say that it is better to have natural immunity than to get a vaccine. I've never said people shouldn't get a vaccine and lied about. I was lied about in The Washington Post in the CNN play for you to see and then way of Chris Cuomo's way of distorting what I said. Lying on CNN comes so naturally that I don't even believe they're aware of the fact that they lie. And I will play it for you. This is what this is what we have entered. So she gives example another one of the Hispanic utility worker in San Diego fired because somebody said made a white supremacist hand gesture. He was in fact cracking his knuckles out of his car window. You're guilty. If one person on the left says you're guilty. In this ideology she continues Barry Weiss. The quality of opportunity is replaced with equality of outcome as a measure of fairness. If every one doesn't finish the race at the same time the course must have been defective. Thus the argument to get rid of the SAT. Or the admissions test for public schools like stuyvesant in New York or Lowell in San Francisco. In this ideology you are guilty for the sins of your fathers. In other words, you are not you. You are only a mere avatar of your race or your religion or your class.

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