Mollie Hemingway Compares the Media Outrage of 2016 Election vs. 2020 Election


In the past Molly Hemingway if you had an oligarch like a Zuckerberg and this individual through their money around in a significant way to influence the outcome of election It would be a there'd be a national outcry But the media to if Karl rove worked with the cokes to put the entire army of young Republicans into the election system I happened to think that NPR might have covered it a little bit more It would have been outrage You think about what they did between 2016 and 2020 where the entire allegation of Russia collusion That was their claim that Trump stole the 2016 election which lasted for years Their claim was that because Russians had bought like a $100,000 in Facebook ads some of which benefited Hillary Clinton some of which benefited Donald Trump That put our entire country into chaos for years And it's nothing compared to what we're talking about that actually happened in 2020 Never made sense that the Russians would decide with Trump against Hillary They got everything they wanted from Hillary

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