The Amazon Formula To Sell 8-Figures & Beyond with Jeff Lieber


Jeff say what's up to fire nation and share something interesting about yourself that most people don't know hey, what's up fire nation? Jeff Lieber and yeah let's see. I. Guess Back in two thousand fourteen kind of a funny story is I was working at nine to find nine to five job and what happened was is I was had that entrepreneurial bug I've been listening to podcasts like yours and other people. Knows you know looking at different business models and then I stumbled upon the Amazon business model at that time and I learned like the steps to source of product and all you're choosing what product to get started with and out of all the products in the world I was what would be the coolest sexiest product I could bragged my friends about and of all the products under the Sun I chose to buy a twenty foot. Container of Puppy pee pads or training dogs A. Matt and I spent almost like seventy percent of my life savings fifteen grand at the time on that container wired it to China had no idea the risks that were involved with that and luckily they did ship me a container of way too many puppy pads to sell and. Took me about a year to sell through that container. Thank goodness. It worked out and survived. So well, if they were on the market a few months ago I would have bought one Gaza we do have a a new puppy in our life is name as gas and we love him dearly and he has needed some pads as he's learned how to get to house train but I'm happy to say where we're past that stage for the most part now knock on wood but in fire. Nation as I shared in the introduction, we're talking about the Amazon formula to sell eight figures and beyond. So I mean you had that nine to five. Jeff. Back in two, thousand, fourteen, he decided to take the leap. So when exactly did you get started selling products on Amazon? I. Mean I know you said you start with a puppy pads move onto the next point from that and how did that experience actually lead you to starting turnkey product management? Yes. Of intention was not to start turnkey. Product management that came a few years later. So luckily, like I said that product ended up selling decently well, but I ended up launching additional pet products and then my sister had an idea for baby products brands. So we launched that and my friend's dad had an idea for with an awesome patented dog toy. So we launched on kickstarter and Bernard up on that and then So all of a sudden I was doing a ton of stuff and then had a few friends from college who Had Awesome products. They did you know sunglasses and wash on kickstarter and we're doing awesome on shop and sales channels like that. But they were struggling on Amazon and they saw me having success with Elaine product like bubby bads and they're like, why can't we do that? So I I ended up helping them and they just said, can you just manage it for us? Can you just do it what will pay you and I was like sure and so that was really the first consulting client. But. It was just a friend and it was fun. You know working with them and ended up growing them to over six figures in their first year and then they referred a friend and they referred a friend and now I had five clients as well in addition to all the brands. So needless to say I was. Almost envious of my previous nine to five job that I had quit because I couldn't do it all and I was like man, why did I even quit I'm like so stressed out in overwhelmed in managing way too much stuff and so I just said what what really would make me the happiest and what am I the best that and that was selling on Amazon. So what I did was decided to sell my stakes out of all may their companies in about nine month period and solely went in all in on turnkey product management gave it an official name and That was about three or four years ago and built a team hired me on my sister, my cousin, a bunch of great great people along the way, and now we're helping a lot of companies to scale their their businesses on Amazon seven and eight figures, and beyond

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