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They almost end up crashing with claps. So the cop gets out of the car. He's like you in this way you are So he goes up to the window. You know he's ready to bust his person thing. He's like, man. Take your driver's license, please. And she looks at him. She's like I don't have a driver's license. He's like, What do you mean? How old are you? She's 13. He put his 13 year old daughter in the car after he'd been drinking to go get him some ice cream car with, so he's sitting in the passenger seat for the cops. Look, he probably thought he covered it all. Like Oh, he had his. Yes. So the cops like to the 30 year old like, Hey, why are you driving the car right now? And then she points at her stepped out. She's like, Well, he he got really drunk and he asked me for some ice cream. So he's like, Hey, will you go drive the car to go get some ice cream? Ridiculous. The cop looks at the dad and he's like is this Oh, he's like, Yeah, you know, like I really wanted ice cream. And then he tries like plot is ice license and I d but there like he's stumbling. So they get him out of the car. Another family member had to come pick her up. He went to jail, although he's out now, But they're like, Ah, that's ridiculous. Dude, we got an idiot. Over here. Donner. Come on. Can you help us? All right now wait on another

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