Philadelphia Officials Respond To Trump Campaign’s ‘Baseless’ Lawsuit Trying To ‘Tie The Election Up In The Courts’


Officials dismisses baseless A trump campaign lawsuit that's each toe access to monitor the newly open satellite election officers, K Y. W. City Hall Bureau chief Pat Lobe reports. The officers have been very popular in the first week today, really voting activist Nika work was encouraging the steady stream of people going in and out of the satellite office in City Hall, some to register to vote some to request a mail in ballots him to drop the ballots off some to do all three. I just think that like it's really important that I get my vote in it. As early as I possibly can. I don't trust the male opinion I don't want to get this feels so motivated to the offices are the Trump campaign lawsuits target on the grounds that people claiming to be poll watchers were turned away. When the office is open Tuesday. The city's law department says it will defend that decision. A city commission chair at least a deal, he explained Wednesday. They are not polling locations. Poll watchers are on Ly appointed at polling locations and they're not pulling with the president himself. Elf attacked the offices in Tuesday's debate, saying bad things happen in Philadelphia in a normal presidential year, Philadelphia delivers about half a million votes for the Democratic nominee at City

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