Boy's death led to detection of brain-eating amoeba in water


In lakes and Rivers has turned up in a Texas counties water supply, and it's claimed the life of a little boy a disaster declaration for more than 300,000 Texans after a six year old boy died from a brain eating amoeba found in Lake Jackson's water supply that first head CT that they did on him did show The brain swelling. Zion McIntyre first complained of a headache. Weeks later he was dead. I'm Angry and upset and sad and heartbroken his death, sparking a week's long investigation, concluding that Josiah contracted the deadly amoeba often found in warm water and a neighborhood splash pad or from a water hosts. Statistically. What happened to Josiah is extremely rare there only than 34 cases of free living comedic encephalitis over nine or 10 year period. Still, parents warned to be careful about their kids swimming and bathing. It's not about drinking water. It's about avoiding activities where the water goes into the nose, like Jackson's mayor tells us he simply doesn't know when the water will be safe and is asking people they're to be patient until this is resolved and reporting on that story, ABC Zelman Lopez come on his time 11 13

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