Bengals Roundtable Show -- 10-1-20 - burst 13

Lance McAlister


Coordinator we're we're going to combine on. The game plan during the week. But I want you calling the plays during the game I'm going to coach this team and let's see. Let's see what happens if we do it that way that's usually what happens with coaches that are passed great coordinators they you know get together on the game plan during the week but a Game Day look I'm going to deal with managing the football team you call the individual offensive place. All right. We've reached the bottom of the hour on time this time last time rocket has like nine dollars it was something else. Did continue do the Kelsey Chevrolet? College football preview will travel rockies road. We'll take more of your calls furniture fair and Bet River sportsbook roundtable show seven hundred W W. Eight eight seven hundred wwl W. it's the furniture fair and vet rivers sports. Roundtable show brought to you by Hawksworth, blood centers, hawksworth donors, save lives who will you save on Lions mcallister he's rocky blaming game and fin are in at nine gamble we have a fin citing we're looking for gamble both will tag team from nine to midnight tonight. Hey, I. Don't forget again this season for every Kevin Huber Punt downed inside the twenty yard line ever dry waterproofing we'll make gay charitable. Donation and Kevin's name era dry waterproofing. They'll fix it permanently. Kevin had seven punts against the eagles for an average of forty, two point six per for those inside the twenty yard line. All right every week. At this time, we do a trip around the college football world. We call it the Kelsey Chevrolet College. Football. Weekend preview. Austin how about you set the mood with some music please do here we go. Chevrolet. Route fifty in Lawrenceburg from our family to yours for life by new roads at Kelsey Chev, dot com the to it. Oh fifteenth-ranked bearcats Ho South Florida in AA AA see play differed three thirty Saturday coverage right here on seven hundred wwl W UC's one fifteen straight at home. That's the sixth longest active streak in the country USF as one and one on the season following a win over the. Citadel in a fifty two nothing loss at rockies number seven. Notre. Dame fighting Irish how about the UCD that held army to sixty nine yards rushing last week army had a thirty three game streak of rushing for one hundred yards or more broken and Ethan. Tukey's putt block last week was the fifth of his career. He moves into second place on new. Steve's UC's career list trail like Antwan Peek. Seven kicks in his you see football with him. Off Guy, he's a coach in Indian hill now. All right. It's the home opener for the UK wildcats against Ole, Miss Four o'clock on ESPN fifteen thirty, just the second meeting between the schools in the past nine years a win gives mark stoops a school record thirty third career home win surpassing Jerry Claiborne Merck of thirty two wins from nine, hundred, eighty two. To nineteen thousand, nine big news this week UK quarterback Joey data to transfer from Auburn is eligible to play the remainder of this season. After receiving a waiver, he was the number three dual threat quarterback and the number of thirty sixth-ranked player overall from the class of Twenty Eighteen Notre Dame and Louisville or off this weekend top twenty five showdowns are out of the. SEC number two Bama hosting number thirteen Texas and number four Georgia home to number seven offered in the first. College Football Playoff selection committee rankings have been pushed back a week to November twenty fourth the date was moved from November seventeenth after all ten S. conferences announced their intentions to play a fall season. The Thirteen member selection committee will have just five weeks of. Rankings this time around for this season that is your Kelsey Chevrolet College football weekend preview Kelsey, Chevrolet route fifty, and Lawrenceburg from our family to yours for life find new roads. At Kelsey, Shaab dot com enjoy Marcus Freeman for the little tiny as boy man how impressive was that? De? Man Grant held them to a field goal that the the touchdown was a defensive. Touchdown. And it. It was a dominating performance. I wanted to ask you about Mike Leach Mike Leach who's now at Mississippi State Rolls into the SEC last week and drops six hundred twenty-three passing with his quarterback on. Lsu. That air raid offense and

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