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Think we should start this bitten style properly by first correcting our motivation why we're here today together knowing that there is immense suffering in the world the knowing that here we're here for each other we're going to help each other get through this. Yeah. She changes in metal trump GW engine, and again bobby some Ashington meter Gordy grundell action ladder barsial. Edema Guru anomalous local. Sanga chewed on. So Joel Non, much android Doniger. Like aging yogi personality from our patients under partial song on. So Casual Moma. Jonjo dynamic usage legitimate soga pursuing on your Partial Dunga Judo's Okay Joan Lama Jonjo it tunnicliffe search. Digital Kepa Solanki. Alah Pension Asanga group. Wow very nice. Is that particular Chin from from your teacher? Is that from? Yeah. That's more melodic tune. Sometimes, we do chanting just very straightforward but I figured I'd do the Little Nicer version for for the rookies out there that may have never heard it. Might enjoy. Doing maybe we start with just a little bit about the meany of starting with like like Mandela for you did this John and you tell us a little bit about that because I'm sure as out there that that very interested in what you're doing with your hands. Right. So it's symbolizing the world you make the world you're purifying the world it a perfect place and you're setting up here. That's four continents floor directions in the mountain meadow the highest mountain, and there you envisioned a perfect pure realm and menu, fill it up with incense and flowers, and every offering that you can think of everything that has ever made you happy you kind of you offer it up to your teachers good Dharma Sanga and also your you know your afflictions things that may be bring you pain suffering you just offer it up, give it away, purify it all in making making everything. The way it should be. Wow. So you're really using your mind in that practice. Of course, you're saying something we'd be voice in you've got your body. You're also really using your mind when you're saying those brands with that digitalization. So absolutely, and I think you know one of the most beautiful offerings I've ever heard was an ocean of flowers you. You could never afford that many. But when you're doing this practice, you can offer things that you don't have. You can walk by you know. The diamond district offer all the jewelry there. Every beautiful thing you've ever seen things that you wanted for yourself that maybe you can't afford at least you can put it in that digitalization offered up to all beings you know in beings. And Use It as a as a release that have been attachment. Fantastic you're using your imagination. You don't necessarily have to own object your for. Only objects that you don't exist that Don exists are objects that are intangible. I can offer the laughter of your children or something like that. So it can really go go wild with your imagination as to what you think are the most beautiful things Yup I think in this case, going wild with your imagination is encouraged, right? Yes. You should. You should absolutely because it it's essential as you as you go on in practice to be able to develop your imagination because you'll you'll have to find yourself. Putting yourself in situations where your imagination is what's going to bring it to the next level of your practice I'm imagining that will imagining didn't mean to years that would I'm imagining? We'll be coming back to this would imagination out quite a bit. Did The Sun Creek you tell us what that is all about going for refuge is a Buddhist yield. You're going for refuge to the Buddha, Dharma, on the song the good is. Being all beings? Dharma. The teachings, the truth with the on Songa the collection, not just monks nuns but everyone around you that is going to help you achieve this goal. By the goodness of the deeds that I do and giving in the rest meaning to six projections of. Giving and morality patients, concentration wisdom giving morality patients, ethics, concentration, and wisdom of by practicing these things. May I become a Buddha not just for myself but for the sake of all living beings South intention. Yes. So Is Interesting. So Buddha dominance sauna. So you know for you before the acting career before the music business which will get to there was Buddhism right that came Beckham before the acting I think and I was wondering you grew up. Christian MRI. And I was wondering growing up Christian what was it that? How'd you end up Madonna breakage what drew you to the Buddha? Question. Is. It still boggles now it doesn't Boggle I. Am very lucky I grew up in a loving Christian household. So wasn't one of those you know fire Brimstone type situations might my grandmother was wonderful Christian? My my aunt is a is A. Wonderful Wonderful Beautiful Lady she is what it sounds like. You know it all intents and purposes and I have many wonderful Christian friends and family that that are amazing. But for me I felt like there was a point in my life maybe was a certain age of coming to being where certain things just didn't make sense to me anymore or or I. Felt that I was being drawn in another way and I wasn't sure what that way was. It wasn't a rejection of something but more a seeking more something else something that that just was sort of calling to say. So I. Couldn't quite out what it was and I remember my mother had this shelves. Books From College. There's one book in Religions of the World Textbook as a as a good place to start as any. and. So it's just kind of like starting through going through all the religions of the world literally starting with animism and and native American religions which brought me back to thinking of my own heritage and things that we learned from our grandmothers are on tees than you know, herbs and prayers that are not in any books or dances, or you know traditions, words that that are that I. Thought were Spanish that are not for example, and I started going to college and learning about that learning about old medicine learning about all different not just my try all the tribes of the Americas and I really was a great and still is a great experience. Great part of my life of the day I was still kept feeling that there was more and in my thirteen fourteen. So. I started going to hardcore shows New York hardcore scene, and there was a big Christian of consciousness movement bands like WanNa wait and shelter and and Chroma is and bad brains singing about this other esoteric type things and and you know the Christian of monks were always there hanging out singing hotter Krishnan and handing out food and stuff. So of course, I was checking it out and and there are some things that kind of you know paying some interest for me but then again, it was a lot of. Things that weren't also clicking. So know go back to the book the Book of the word yet it again. kind of thumbing through it and I see Dow is and I'm like reading through it. It's very logical. It's straightforward. There is no puppet masters like. Extra beings, there's no like get off the pay money you don't have. There's no strings attached. It's cause-effect cause-effect cause-effect that if you do a long enough, be will happen if you one plus one is to the softest thing in the world can cut through the hardest giving with time things like that and that kind of really appealed to me it was very grounded and very focused than. Kind of removed that, which may be I needed for awhile removed that. Mystical magical element at made it more about how to fix yourself now

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