Crypto Consolidation


Deal was missed. Can tell much We'll start with the white naught a great deal from what I could say anyway. I mean look we've continue to hold above ten thousand have done for a number of affiliate long duration of Tom now, and then we just console consolidating again. The? It's a talk Solo. Bash towing yesterday. We dig it to a high of. Ten thousand nine, hundred, sixty three. But then we sold off most that selling off came into the clothes and it was by saver. Better our you know we had a one hour candle, the closed down one and a half percent. which was you know? What was the that was down hundred sixty eight Dole's boarding bottoming out at about two hundred sixty. Very quick. Move. Damn and now we're starting to bounce back a little bit but the market doesn't little bit conscious. Doesn't look it doesn't look steady at was looking steady until at fulltime holding up around that tonight five but it could just be able to shop for a while until it works itself Atm Cost Ten or eleven thousand, two, hundred level that I'm really Kane on saying disappear. That is underneath frost I wanNA. See us go will above that and fly on high above and beyond above and beyond rotten now ten, thousand, six, hundred, twenty full. He's on the open all the next candle. Yesterday we call his down one point five percent last week's candle by the way will also looking quite positive. Yesterday with the theory of it goes down as well. One percent down close at three, fifty, three to three, fifty, four, fifty and I'm you know a guy that that real quick cell? Medically, it was really really awesome. Fortunately for theory of sorry unfortunately for me if they didn't end up giving that'll charity tried. It was looking good not to our and then it just went. Fell, quite quickly into the close like I said, three fifty, full you WanNa. Accept Player that well closing the day down really was down one percent in that quick sell-off as thing every closed down. They were all looking a roughly around Brookhaven with slightly off on the dykes pay twenty four point two cents not much to look at. When they come across to Bitcoin cash, it is one that still looks good. Not Four out of four has a wonderful little Cannell in that cradles on yesterday closing down. One point six, three percent. So we up half of a Senate turned twenty, six dollars and eighty. We'll be keeping a very close eye on that in the next few hours as little bullish candle light coin also looking still pretty average in our. It didn't do much loss wake. You didn't do much weight before. It's been a dead dog at the moment Dan one point nine percent yesterday closing forty five dollars and twenty three cents on a roughly about their nothing on the four hour of interest. In the crowd all not four out. Beautiful Pullback Day looks quite spooky. Indeed I do not mind look of that shot. We are one, sixty I spot nine, seven yesterday closing down the die one point, six percent gain just a small dead nothing major there but it's a bouncing back a little bit with the start of the new trading day. COD is at ten cents on the noise holding its ground little bullish channel sign a full. On the floor outshot having a very strong wake loss weight, cod. Donna. Last week bottomed out pretty zone out third saying Sammy's as I say only. It is quite a good move higher. My my point suppose is it a comeback from a third of the downside link having a very, very strong ron into the close loss weight right now. We are at ten cents like I said. By. A cat yesterday was up two point nine percent held. Its grand did move did put guys on. Rotten now I'm watching this on two hour as we have a village candle back in that cradles on good seclusive the on this child as well, and it could provide a little bullish candle to come left to white and see what we get. But it's twenty seven dollars in six inches of half a percent today obviously has said up trip when I present yesterday. Yesterday was also down has been pretty average trading for a long time. Now, down one percent yesterday counterpoint to will percent sitting at two dollars and fifty six cents nothing to try their and finally link ranting at that top ten. Big Push up last week particular died twenty nine percent but since then it hasn't done a great deal. just sort of hung around but at the higher end of that moves so it's it's looking good. As far as that goes consolidating at the moment standpoint, one of a percent at ten doubles and twenty seven cents I guess the positive there is today's above ten dollars. Go

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