19-year-old man suspected of plotting to kill Biden


Weapons and ammunition. He was arrested in North Carolina, where investigators say they found child porn on his devices. They also say his online activity includes a search for Biden's home address and posts asking if he could kill Biden and save Bernie, referring to Senator Sanders failed campaign. Timothy Bella, who wrote the story for The Washington Post. His tryst, Hman told federal investigators he had long been interested in mashing ings and terrorism prevents. Could she just spending days and hours poring over YouTube videos on Wikipedia articles off these tragedies? Crisman is being held without bail of the child porn charges. No comment from the Secret Service or the Biden campaign. No worries, at least so far when it comes to the integrity of the election in Washington state, more from Cuomo's baloney or the word from Governor James Lee, who says he has been informed by the secretary of state's office. There is no indication voter information here has been compromised. Earlier this week, federal officials revealed their conclusion. Both Iran and Russia are attempting to interfere in this year's elections in Iran's case through communications aimed directly at voters. The governor says the state will remain vigilant, but any threatening communication should be reported to county or state elections. Officers below. Neil Come own independent agency tasked with investigating Seattle police misconduct has found that

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