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Hello I'm Naomi Lewin welcome to classics, for? Kids That's the pollen is from Modesto oxy's Opera Boris, Godunov, today music from operas by some other Russian composers. They call me Kyle Glinka, the father of Russian classical music. You hardly ever see Glinka opera Muslim and Ludmilla, but you hear the overture all the time. Well at least loosely, Ludmila has been performed. That's more than you can say for some operas. Lada flopped twice the first time a Russian theatre s four different composers to collaborate writing a combination opera ballet that Malaysia was never performed. Then rimsky-korsakov who was one of the four composers recycled the music he'd written into a Milonga of his own that Lada lasted all of six performances. If you've been Mada is a funny title. Sergei Prokofiev opera called the love for three oranges. The love for three oranges is about a prince who finds the princess he loves inside an orange one of three oranges. Love is a big problem for the title character in an opera by Tchaikovsky called Eugene on Yagan. A girl named Tatyana in love with you gene on Yagan but he doesn't fall in love with her until it's too late and she's married to someone else the two of them always seemed to be meeting up at a ball. So Tchaikovsky put plenty of dance music including this waltz into his author. Part of Modesto Resorts Skis Opera Boris good enough takes place in a Polish court where they do a Polish dance, the pullen his. Another Russian opera with famous dances in it is by Alexander Barra Dean Borodino was a professor of chemistry who only got to write music in his spare time. His only opera was prince eager in which the prince eager gets captured while fighting the pile-up Ziems. The best known part of the opera is when the Pelosi enslaves entertain prince e core by singing. Dancing. Ardine died before he could finish prints eager. But two of his friends who knew how he wanted it to sound finished it for him. One of those friends was Nikolai rimsky-korsakov whose flight of the Bumblebee is far more famous than the tale of Czar Sultan, the opera for which he wrote it. You can definitely hear a flying insect in the flight of the Bumblebee. From flying bees to dancing pelotons, I hope you've enjoyed this week's music from Russian operas.

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