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I oblique light lessons never allow them to take you somewhere I'm bringing them back. It's time to open the ball. I personally chosen these classic episodes to share with you. Again, every single person you ever will meet shares that common desire they want to know. Do you see me? Do you hear me. That's what I say mean anything to you. You're listening to the Oprah Winfrey show the podcast. So how many of you can say truly say that you love Your Life, you love your life. Okay. If you're not living the life of your dreams, I, hope those of you at home. Are asking yourself that question do you love your life on a scale of one to ten? Where are you in the love factor for your own life? If you're not living jeans and you feel that there's no way out there just isn't any way out of the day to day grind we believe the today show will give you a kick in the bush. You're going to meet people who actually chose their life. Then they let nothing stand in their way you probably recognize my I guess Andrea Thompson from the hit show in what PD blue. As forty, Andromeda bowl decision to quit acting. Thinking why would anybody leave a hit TV show and all the you know fortune fame that comes with it. But what you really didn't you went from making what used to make an a day and more to now what you make in a year. Yeah unbelievable. But you know what? I didn't grow up with a lot. My mother raised four of us on twenty, five, thousand dollars a year. My father wasn't around she wasn't getting any support and we had a great childhood week clip coupons. We made things ourselves. We had a wonderful time because money doesn't always buy you happiness. Some of the most miserable people I know are wealthy I know but when I say that people don't want to hear that coming from me, I. I know. But you know what? What D- true and also I think I'm on the cover some magazine. This month is Oprah. Happy I turned up am I I think so. I thought I was, but you gotta read in a magazine CPR. My answer to that is like, is it any business if Oprah's happy except for my own business interestingly enough I agree with you money doesn't buy Happi- happiness and if you aren't happy before you get it, it only compounds your misery. Well, what you're doing is you're delaying happiness you delaying gratification you're saying if I just lose ten pounds I'll. Be Happy by just get a all my bills paid off. I'll be happy I meet the right man. I'll be happy if you are not happy right here and right now you never will be and the fact is you better find a girlfriend of mine sent me an email yesterday and it was about a woman who had who had waited for a special occasion or her sister flew into town for her funeral. And her husband said they went to pick out the clothes at the magicians. and. He pulled out this beautiful film me little negligee made of silk in this gorgeous lace and he said she bought this nine years ago and she never wore it because she was waiting for a special occasion and that that time never came. So have fun in the here and now none of us are guaranteed a another year another another week another day, another hour your not my son is not yes, you know. John F. Kennedy Junior to make. Are you happier now you are. Yeah. Yeah I can feel it. Yeah. So you never look at a script that you could have had or show. You could've been on or a movie you start in think no. Now I did it for twenty years I don't have any bad Hollywood stories I was treated very well, I've always been employed a made a great living the best thing that happened to me. Oh, my fortieth birthday because Christmas in my birthday are really close my best year ever one because I love turning forty and Tuesday. Thirty Staw thirty was like Oh my God. This existential angst you. Forty is like, Hey, I still look good. I feel good. Rock on. Rock on. My next guy. They figured out how to live their ultimate adventure for ten years they've actually lived on their bicycles. Now. That is not my idea of fun. I, like a knife home with not things around me, but whatever gets you going they lived on their bicycles. No permanent job, no headaches, the carefree life they chose bills them with joy. The was one of those dreams that was back boiler. It was always nice to say to people. Oh, I'm going to cycle around the world when john-paul and at least yeah I met through Bicycling Club in Wales he shared his dream of cycling around the world I always said never had anyone to go with and that's when illicit is turned around and said, well, I'll go with you and I was flummoxed. Only, GonNa live so long. So you should get out there and do whatever it is that really takes your fancy at the time John Paul was in a job. He did not love managing a grocery store in his spare time though he loved biking Elsia was an artist who went from job to job not happy with any of them traveled. Was Her passion we started to plan and organize it. And fell love during that period and then started planning on getting married and that incorporated itself N. and the trip became a honeymoon and it would be the honeymoon didn't in they pedalled through Ireland Holland the United States and the UK. The hardest thing is to actually say goodbye to all your friends and your family knowing that you're going to be gone for A. Year two years more years you won't be you won't be there for birthdays and Christmas and Christmas time and very family time with your friends and that that's a hard thing to do I mean it takes a while to get used to but the benefits of course of making a different life yourself is enormous. They originally planned to quit after five years and settled down. Got near the five year point it was well, maybe ten years we'll do it for us. We'll be able to finish in ten years. We've gotten to the ten years and we realize it's going to be a lifestyle. He gets short they'll stop and work for three to six months in whatever country they're in. We look for any work that we can find that pays us as much as possible. So we can work as possible their adventures get more and more ambitious. The latest took them across the world's largest continuous landmass from Argentina to Alaska took. In. Two years, two weeks and two days believe it or not. So. Far, they've ridden seventy thousand miles through twenty-five countries over the world's highest drivable pass in northern Peru through the largest salt. Lake in Bolivia, they've been stranded because of a mountain blizzard in Spain choosing a life style where you can't control your environment at all times does lead to certain dangerous. We ran into some smugglers were in Spain and we got mugged while we were in Peru? E sleep on the ground every night that you may get a shower every. If you're lucky couple of weeks, one of the main reasons that I chose this lifestyle is I couldn't really perceive going back and work in an office and getting up every morning and being in the same office day after day I can't imagine not doing this because I think it would be very boring otherwise. I don't want my life to be boring. Well, there's something for everybody isn't that destroy? They could've stopped by hearing the shower. We got a nice little facility. That's really pretty amazing. So you you make choices in life that's what we're talking about. Well, when Marcy Anderson's wait reached an all time high of four hundred and five pounds. She also made a choice decision she was forty eight years old and her decision she said was that it was time to choose a new life. I was a fat girl, all my life I made a choice to eat my way to four hundred pounds. I was a huge closet eater. I would stop and pick up three cheeseburgers at my way home from work because I knew I'd be hungry I was eating what I was supposed to eat for dinner I tried everything to lose weight I've had my stomach stapled joined weight loss group I've tried fasts I've tried liquid protein. That came out I tried it. Every time I, tried again

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