Right now the type of Latino outreach he's seen from both parties. It's pretty bad. They've just dismissed us.


Lot of outreach to Latino voters for the Republican Party. Victor said that diversity of opinion makes it really hard for anyone to get Latino political outreach for all Latinos, right And he says right now the type of Latino outreach he's seen from both parties. It's pretty bad. They've just dismissed us. You know they've dismissed by and large the Hispanic community. I think what's been egregious is that We've essentially big had been ignored. So why does it seem that no one when it comes to talking to Latinos? Gets it right. To get some answers. I called up somebody who studies Latino politics for a living. Lisa Garcia Bedoya, She's a professor and vice provost for graduate studies at UC Berkeley. And she wrote a book that is pretty on point for this conversation. It is called Latino politics. At least tell me that word Latino. It can mean a lot of different things. So Lisa, I want to start by talking about a recent news event. That reveals a lot about the way politicians successfully and unsuccessfully try to appeal to Latino voters. I'm talking about the whole Supreme Court nomination process. Before Amy Cockney Barrett was selected by President Trump. There was talk that he might appoint Barbara Llego. Ah, a Cuban American judge, and the thinking from the Republican Party Wass. Well, this might help him get Latino votes. You wrote an entire news. We got bad that said probably it won't and also this kind of thinking. It's kind of offensive. Explain well at its core is this idea that if I'm a Latina, and I should say for full disclosure, I'm a Cuban American Latino, so theoretically the type of person that would be most excited about such a nomination. That somehow this woman's ethnic national origin racial identity would trump any policy preferences or policy concerns that I have So the idea that if I disagreed with the president on health care, on education or on his immigration policy that somehow all of that would disappear simply because this woman happens to be a co ethnic A member of my community, and that presumes a level of flatness right and sort of non content Tio Latino political attitudes. That is reductive in ways that I think are really problematic that essentially, it's just about your race, and you're not going to think about anything else beyond that, and no one actually votes that way. Not even white people know you know it doesn't happen that way. No.

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