The Gluten Connection to Osteoporosis and Autoimmune Diseases


Set up an eating plan to reduce that overall body inflammation. We know that eating gluten grains can be a big. Culprit that causes inflammation but there can be other reasons as well and so many times you need that food detective, which we always say that's one of our hats that we wear right at nutritional weight and wellness where food detective. So you might need the help of a well-versed Dietitian nutritionist help you figure out what else besides gluten might be contributing to that inflammation because it's Really important to downplay or get rid of entirely that inflammation to help your body start to heal. If you're interested in signing up for nutrition consultation or if you just have questions, you want to ask you can give the latest ladies at the office a call. Our number again is six, five, one, six, nine, nine, three, four, three, eight, and sometimes as you talk through. Things with the ladies at the Front Desk. They might say, Oh, I think this particular class this zoom class might be better for you or they might say, yeah, you sound like you could use an individual consultation. So if you're still kind of sitting on the fence I, I encourage you to call because you can really talk through things and find the best avenue for you. And like Cassie said, there are many different conditions that. have an autoimmune connection, which then as we talked about this radio show that those those autoimmune conditions also have a connection to gluten. What autoimmune condition that I think sometimes isn't recognized as an adult mean condition is type one diabetes. This is a disease of the pancreas and it is another example of an autoimmune disease. So is there a connection between a gluten intolerance and type one diabetes? Researchers have found that approximately ten percent of people with type one diabetes in the US also have Celia disease which says to me there's a connection right in a lot of them because in the general population, it's like one percent have sealion disease. So, when we look at people with type one, diabetes, ten percent have Celia, disease? So did the habit of eating eating gluten caused the damage to the tissue in the pancreas of More perhaps. So what type one diabetes if? Our own tissue is is attack or our own immune system is attacking the tissue of the pancreas. There are fifty to one hundred different types of autoimmune diseases and one of these autoimmune diseases or I should say another one of these autoimmune diseases is pernicious. which is a condition that our immune system attacks the cells that allow the body to absorb vitamin B twelve efficient efficiently causing a deficiency in vitamin B twelve. That's kind of a mouthful efficiently deficient by you did it well. So. The gluten. Damages the lining of the digestive system further compounding the problem of trying to absorb that vitamin B. Twelve. Symptoms of pernicious anemia include fatigue, a sort Tom. Tingling in the hands or feet memory loss and unsteady gait, which just means kind of. Walking. Or how heart palpitations. Because of the damage gluten can do to tissues and various organs. We often recommend following a gluten free eating plan for several months to reduce inflammation for countless numbers of people being gluten. Free is a very healthy and. Very Somewhat easy habit T to implement to control pain and inflammation. It's just like one of those things where. If you're not if if this is a totally new concept, it seems overwhelming, but once you get used to it, it is not a very difficult way to eat and I'm sure cassie with having been forced into the gluten free living lifestyle. It was challenging at first, and then now I bet you hardly have to think about it right? Unless you're doing something new right. It definitely gets easier and we were just talking at the last break Theresa and I about how far. Kind of society has come because I was talking about how when my oldest who's GonNa turn fifteen in two months here when he started first grade that was the first grade where for us where school lunch was offered and so back then I made an appointment with the head of food service for our whole school. Up for all of our schools, right. So she's the head. So you think, okay, this is going to be super knowledgeable but I'm going to go in and just talk and make sure that we can offer my son a a safe and gluten free meal and so I get into her office and she handed this big stack of papers to me.

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