Could the election change prospects for Washington, DC statehood?


On congressional efforts to make D C. The 51st state. Doubly GOP's Mitchell Miller has more on that from Capitol Hill. Congress has both the moral obligation. And the constitutional Authority to pass the bill D C delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton got the house to pass her statehood bill. But the Senate is another story. If the legislation is to have a chance of going anywhere in the Senate, Democrats will likely need to regain control of the upper chamber. If that were to happen, it's possible the bill could advance in the Senate for the first time, but many challenges remain President. Trump if reelected, says he'll veto the bill, and even if the legislation were to get through the Senate with Joe Biden in the White House Republicans have made it clear they'll file legal challenges that could go to the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller w T o P News Coming up on w GOP

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