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The plan is a Docu series, very popular Docu series where really it was really just all about how CBD offers so many great medicinal properties that could benefit us things like pain. People are seeing great results with with a lot of different mood disorders using CBD as well as like cancer, and so Leo Welcome to the podcast. Thanks so much grateful to be here and exciting to talk to your audience about this because it's something that not a lot of people in the know about I'm sure that they're scratching their heads like what the heck is the. System. So excited and talk about it. Yeah for sure and so let's start by talking about the Docu series how you got involved in. Absolutely. So I I been with I'm founding member of plants have been with it since the get go. And our initial idea to start with the documentaries, it's kind of like teaching people how to crawl. So to speak into to introduce the topic because a lot of ways, a lot of people don't even know about the into Indo Camera System Snell has to do with the fact that it's still not even. A most medical. Universities or or fields or anything like that. It's actually a very few lucky. We're seeing a surge in our seeing in network actually started see. full-fledged classes and curriculum around learning the inner nominate system. But really the the pointed the Docu series miss to introduce it to people to help break down the stigma because the way that we learned the about the Internet can navigate was actually through the discovery with candles and so you you have this inner England of confusion and stigmatism and you know. For the last Hundred Years, we've had a a pushing down of pushing down of this medicinal plants. So we discussed that as well what is true medicinal value and why are we even hindered? So that was the start of at all and it was fantastic. It was a great start but people wanted to know more they're like, okay, you've told me. This medicine. Now let's be real. How is it a medicine? What does that look? What's his applicable use? So we actually dove into masterclasses in books and things like that because we realize that people out there are very much. So willing to discuss the topic, they need more information, and then you know that it's credible. So that's where we come into play. Yeah. You know I was at school from college from the Year Nineteen Ninety, nine through two, thousand nine. So over nine years of college multiple degrees never once that I hear the term Indo cannabinoid system I took. Huns of physiology courses, pharmacology I mean all of this never heard about it right and so really only heard about it about four years ago right as CD SORTA gaining popularity. So can you explain to our audience more about what the Endo can avenue system in our body is absolutely funny enough it is a system that has been the. Discoveries been indicated that at least five, hundred, million years old. So this isn't like a new process or system systems out of her body and I think that's why you see me like smiling because it's so interesting like you. It's abundantly clear. We're still discovering our bodies every day. Every year and researchers are still diving into. So that's so exciting as in the one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty s through an accidental discovery we found system and the way that was found was they were trying to test and see what the Heck thc bidding out of our bodies because at first it was oh. Teaches bad keeps us one component of cannabis, Jaycees? Bad need approve it. So that was the reason is Considered is considered the addictive component of marijuana. psychoactive. Component. PSYCHOACTIVE component. Of, cannabis is not addictive. It's definitely been misuse we see match. Throughout. Its US but it's not addictive. So you you people notice addiction classified as you cannot actually physically or mentally sustain without utilization of the. Right. You can still live and you could still live happily without cannabis and that's the difference. Yours we want to be very clear that yes you can become a penny because you get used to it and that's where the right. But if you decided to stop today, you would not be addicted. You not go through extensive withdrawals Processes or anything like that. So a little bit of distinguishment there. But yeah. So that's that's how I discovered this. Wanting to research hce. So the purpose of the inner cabinet system is it's all throughout her body. It's like everywhere it's in our immune system and our sows in our Oregon's and various places that works throughout our integrated system party bachelor system are are Just everything, it's not like all these things. So what does that mean? Okay, it's interesting to all these things what the heck is it it's a modulating system. That's true. It's what the Systems. The easiest way to explain it is it's the manager of the the plants. The plans are body. Let's the industry plant. We create things all day every day and it saying, yes no up debt. That's pretty much out of you can avoid system is doing it saying, Hey, you need to turn that process. Awed. You turn that process. So great examples are inflammation response, right? So the current system is going to the immune system saying, Hey, we need. We need some help over your needs, some repair and healing. To turn that process on, and then it goes back to the union system says, okay, that's enough. I don't need any more. We turn that back off or we could reduce it. It's going to optimize that response. So really the easiest way to explain it, your inner covering system is responsible for your home. You have stasis your balance within the body, and then through those processes, it's also important for repair protection. So it's Kinda like those three things stays at the top, and that repair protection has is there to support our inner healer so to speak so all. Scratch on your. Discretion are ever its yield goes away and that's what that's the indicate Indo navarine system telling the rest of our body. Dear. What are some symptoms that somebody might have if the? System is out of balance, which is Sumer. Common. They've actually because of this exact thing that they deemed fission. So, there's a full gang of research that the exact thing and so they speculate these huge diseases or actually a symptom of deficiencies in our economic system. So usually you can see this in sleep issues, digestive issues. This could be seen in your your mood. So if you're irritable or if you're angry or or if you're just kind of Numb, that's also another indicator that your inner cabinet system as off a huge huge. Inflammation response just because that is such, it's. As as we've seen research over and over in inflammation response shown important, it can either be really great for us or it can be really bad for us, and if you're undergrads system is off, you'll typically see your inclination you'll feel like aches and pains throughout your body that you can't really put a pinpoint or you'll. You'll feel kind of nauseous for not not at your best all the time every day that another Kim points so. A trigger effect it's it's the under the rug. So to speak issue and we happen to see it come out as saints cancer we've seen out his osteoarthritis using to come out as pain issues. Related to that inflammation those types of things. And how does cannabis impact the end camera would system. Which is, this is the for me. 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