GFM Spotlight Interview: Justin-Lee Schultz


Rakia it's like this is the best for. Yeah absolutely. So now did you did you began I don't know if I? Asked or new so you began actually on piano. So you have that need for the weight or you did you grow into you know because I know it's the difference in. A keyboard actually travel. Really I. don't even played like a real piano lot is making keyboard I. Love let the weighted seal. Yes, and it also helps when you practice also. Like some way to us, you can like play faster. Figures are like strong and stuff. Oh Wow. That's awesome. Now is that a seventy, six, eight, the drive there are. Wonderful so you like that low. A.. There you go. Yeah. So I wanted to. One Thing. I had to share this with you win when I was preparing and I was listening and I thought it was well, you might not think this is hilarious but I thought it was hilarious. which was when I was a little bit young in USA when I was in sixth grade doing a ban Fang of Psalm in whatever stays ban whatever we're doing and playing baritone saxophone, and so we played Angelo and I was thinking i. I really did something because the Berry Sachs has this little line was like my little Solo. You, sir. You are covering Angelo with Bob. Jane's himself. So you know what? Tell me about that it's spirits you know. Why you not been a huge ballgame since like two years old even before I started playing. Yeah. Watching like Bari or Mickey. MOUSE OUT TO. Ask My dad's put on like a Ford play. Record. Or a watch. DVD's aw always been a huge Bob San. Fast forward to twenty, seventeen, I adopted meet James and play with him at his house. Amazing. Rewarded, the best thing is a and then I don't know if you know the flute player Alexander's on Chick yes. Yes. Played wash the planning than. We did the song, Angela and. Over the song is one of my favorite songs. We got to like taking the songs for the album after one. Yeah. She's suggested to me that you do like a different arrangement of Angelina Yeah I'm down. So I think, I worked on a range of like maybe like six or seven hours straight. And Actually the first draft like forms but. You. Get the idea. Khasan. We got a basic gated man who does horns on a jet records and stuff like that play on it. Is it is. It is really. It's beautiful again, like I said with all the things that I've heard. Of covers that you all have done and even the originals is just like I really like how you just take things to different places sometimes, you can just kind of get stuck you know. What it is what? I'm trying to think outside of the bonds so I can like under sound different thousand like the main reason behind like eagle when the intro starts.

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