Joe and Oliver: Somethings Fishy in Delaware


And I don't ever sent anyone Dick Pics other than you. It's interesting. I really would like to get off the mailing list if you can somehow. Lease find someone else you're my outlet it just doesn't look right? It doesn't look healthy. It looks it looks like a Cadavers Dick would look. Well, I mean. Why would it look healthy under the covers asleep really it's not at attention. Yeah. But it's discolored. It's IT looks jaundiced. Does it doesn't look well, I think you need to get a check today have doctors out there like Dr Quinn Medicine Woman GonNa come they pay a visit to the. Hudson. Yeah Russell compound they only have shamans out here. There was no actual medical doctors. Well, good new. You're in luck because those are the best to check on broken. Jaundice Dick's. Chang clean I can't I watched three minutes of the new board movie now, all back in I'm back in I was so into that HBO show when it came out and I think I actually like Ali. G Better. Yeah Allergy was. Real in his interviews you know the the Borat. For a while but the Ali G. thing. was. Interviewing C. Everett Koop. Interviewing you know anybody it was just. Unbelievable and so different than. I'd seen on TV now I feel like it's Kinda played out all all the characters. I know well, he had to. Almost had to write in his narrative with this new one that he had to become. Like an American. So he could be in a different disguise because you know the best. Did you see the part where I've seen three minutes not not over three minutes? He he's he isn't even left. Kosic Stanley just found out that he's got a non male daughter who was watching it's a some animated movie called Malania. I

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