US big tech dominates stock market after monster rally


Big Tech gets a big test next week as apple facebook Amazon and Google. Parent Alphabet all step up to the earnings plate after a sizzling run for the sector wedbush securities things the reports will fuel up another tech rally into the end of the year despite the general nervousness over stimulus and the election apple is the firm's favorite thing name Microsoft and salesforce are the top cloud software picks and Z scaler is called the cybersecurity standout. There will also be some focus next week a US Senate hearing on section two, thirty immunity with twitter's Jack Dorsey facebook's mark. Zuckerberg and Google's Sundar Pichai all in the firing line. The economic calendar includes updates on new home sales, durable goods and consumer sentiment as well as what will be an eye popping Q. Three GDP report a historic thirty three percent quarter over quarter surge in Q. Three, GDP is expected to be reported to follow on the over thirty one percent drop in Q. Two despite the strong bouncing Q. Three the feds official forecast for this year is for GDP, to decline three point seven percent, which would mark the biggest single year drop since at least World War Two. Also on the schedule in the week ahead, look for some ideas to be generated out of the Robin Hood Conference and Spat Creation. Boards Town Motors Corporation could burn some rubber when it starts trading.

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