Tony La Russa Named As Chicago White Sox Manager, Returning After 34 Years


We hear the news well, that news being that the Chicago White Sox have hired Tony Larussa. As their new manager seventy, six year old Tony Larussa, he becomes the oldest manager in the majors by five years. And he's only the second major in Major League baseball history to take over a team as seventy, five years or older. Jack mckeon be and the other one he was eighty rounds. At, which is just that sounds crazy. I mean I guess he was in great shape but he was eighty two over tomorrow marlins they went forty and fifty. and His old job because out there was an old joke about I'm not going to give you the punch line foot. There's an old joke about his nickname was trader Jack Right Jack McKee. At he was eighty years old at the old joke was like he's so old that. Guess what they were trading back. There wasn't ball players like how long he's half. I know where you were going with.

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