Nagorno-Karabakh flared up again?


This week Menia and as a John Neighbors. In the South Caucasus went to war again. Not For the first time because at issue is the overwhelmingly Armenian. which lies inside as a John. Nagorno-karabakh. As mania and as a John emerged into independence from the unraveling Soviet Union in the late nineteen eighty s and early nineteen ninety s the two countries fought a long and brutal war over Nagorno-karabakh. This was ended by a ceasefire in nineteen ninety four since when nagorno-karabakh has operated with an uneasy autonomy. In the decade since escalations intentions have been an irregular fact of life along the so called line of contact, which separates the sides in two thousand and sixteen dozens of soldiers died in four days of fighting earlier this year in clashes along the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan north of nagorno-karabakh several more troops were killed including an Johnny General. The latest fighting looks more serious still heavy weapons and air power have been deployed. Many casualties including civilians have been reported and both Azerbaijan's ally Turkey and Armenia is patron Russia a taking an unnervingly close interest. Why has this flare up again and why now could this result in a full-scale war and is there any imaginable long-term solution?

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