A highlight from Kinda Cute- Ep. 69 The Moon Had a Year, Red Table Talk with OK, and George Lucas on the OC


It's kind of cute right. Hello and welcome back to kinda cute and if you're new here welcome. My name's billy evan. I'm your host on kind of cute. We discuss articles from the cut. And my general pop culture musings guys. I only did half of my intro last week. I literally take one week off. And i can't remember how do my own damn intro. So if case yukata apologize is my sixty ninth episode. All the more reason you would think i would have that down by now but you know keel arianna thirty four plus thirty five. I just played it to remember house. She does it. It's like that tape. It's so crazy high. I wish i could do that. So i think it's fitting to start off this sixty ninth episode with a cardi b. citing so verge a frequent contributor to the kinda cute. Podcasts sent me a text conversation. She had with her friends so her friend texts to her and said guys cardi b. was in front of me in the security line at the houston airport today. She let me go in front of her at the x ray. I'm shook verge. says what. submit this to bailey for kind of cute episode. I just had to give props for saying that like we love a kind of cute plug. Someone replies cardi b. flies commercial the girl who saw sawyer says. She did today but she was clear. And i hope it's okay that i'm sharing this Verges husband says. I wonder what she looks like in person. I assume sort of like an alien and then the girl who saw her says so. She had a gray sweatsuit outfit with giant hood and had the baby with her q. And i didn't realize it was her until she told me i couldn't. I could go around. Her and i noticed her giant but in her giant ring than i shamelessly stared at her face. Her skin is flawless. So i mean that. Just confirms to me what i already knew like. I imagined cardi b. looking so flawless in person and having a really nice but in a really nice ring so we love that herbie's culture right that her. Maybe yes so adorable very. That's okay that i shared that. Sorry i tried to redact the name other than yours. And and i didn't even say your husband's name you know keeping it really really Secretive up guys the big news today which has made me any good mood all day. Like i was on a high. And i feel like i manifested some good things my way. I was at the tropical smoothie by work. Picking up my sad rap and the guy gave me to geared ellie salted caramel chocolate. Those are my favorite geared. Delis so i mean. I was just writing a high and the taylor swift album. The second part. Let's call it the second part of folklore it's called evermore is getting released tonight at midnight. The only sad thing about that is that now. I'm going to have to keep my geriatric adds up until midnight tonight to listen. I really want to set the mood this time last time. When folklore came out My friends elaine. And matt where at a karen rouda cabin And they Actually think was just selena. Matt who participated in this guy's correct me if i'm wrong but they lit candles. They warlike. who's they had wine. They listen to it on like this. Like a projector screen and mike. Is this all in my head. Like this is how i feel like it was. Yeah yeah yeah kenzees confirming. She also thinks it was a projector screen. So it was just immaculate vibes. Yes it's very hombre over them. We all aspire to that level. So i don't know i just feel like i need to do something tonight like i don't know like. Is it a margaritas midnight. Do we do like. I wish i actually. What i'd really like is like a Decaf espresso martini at midnight. Kinsey says she could whip that up guys. That might be the vibe. I wish i was like enough of personality. That i could just live stream the whole track by track review of it. I am not witty enough. I am not a personality enough. It would be me on instagram. Live with like some stranger. I haven't talked to since middle school like that. The scene i have so many social media things. I've been enjoying lately again tonight today. We're very heavy on my my intro my lead into the articles because there's just been a law that has happened recently that i wanted to talk about which is nice because last week i felt like i was really lacking so the first thing i've really been enjoying is there's this trend going around on tiktok and it's kind of transitioned in instagram where people will post a tiktok and it will say if miley comments on this i will do so and so so.

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