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Hello, and welcome to another edition of they call us Bruce unfiltered conversation about what's happening in Asia America. I bill you and I'm Jeff Yang and we are here. With the director and writer of I gotTA. Say just one of my favorite films to have come out this year not just because it hits square and kind of like the intersection of. Sweet spots for me. But also because it really revives John that is kind of synonymous with. They cost Bruce in some ways, and that film is the paper tigers and the filmmaker in question is bow tran. Bow. Thank you for joining us on the PODCAST. Welcome. Hello. Hello. Thanks for having. Me Guess. Big Fan. At. Likewise. No seriously about so this film is basically about a set of martial arts enthusiasts young young guys who have grown up learning under a master. who have kept on growing up as a were. Gotten Kinda midlife and found themselves in a situation where they have to kind of recover the skills that they've lost and like I said for me, it really is just at the intersection of a lot of stuff that I care about and or am. So. Thank you for making it. And Yeah, thank you for talking to us about. My pleasure. Thanks for watching. Really glad to hear you guys enjoy. I let me say like, let me express a little bit of. Sorrow and regret. and sadness on your behalf because. The world being what it is the circumstances being what it is. Many people are going to experience. This movie are not going to experience movie the way I really think they should. Experience it which is with an audience because this is such a fun crowd-pleasing movie We should say like I saw it advertised as a as a martial arts comedy which it is. But it's a bummer that we're not people aren't going to really get to see it in that ideal situation. Yeah I. Mean it's kind of a it's kind of a surreal thing to go through this year with all festivals. Now pivoting to virtual and we had a world premiere couple of weeks ago at Fantasia, which is usually out of Montreal and We did have a zoom QNA afterwards. And is actually fun because it was the first time. The actors saw the movie for the first time and all that and then Cuny was over and I got kicked out of the Zoom Room. There I was sitting in the dark? The World Premiere. Back. But. You know you know we we may do I, mean. That's kind of the way things are, and we just have to Kinda forge on. But Yeah we all had always hoped in envisioned to be able to play this in front of crowd because I think that's kind of like the best experience at least for me growing up as well. Just watching movies that I love. And then be able to kind of bring that. Old old-timey feeling back again. But hopefully, maybe oh Soon soon, enough will be a on our recovery in fields. Kind of have a place when we can share it altogether. I. I kinda figured out what the the genre of this sort of ends up being in white works for me. So well, it's basically old school meets old just. But. I mean these AVIV, the the issue of where we are. Now how this all landing I I will say that. There's something really special about seeing the movie mean it's taken a while to get here and I know this of course, I was fortunate enough smart enough to be early on the bandwagon on this thing asked for it in the kick starter as was Hudson Yang. And Shout shout out. Yeah and it feels a little bit like it's bringing with it. A breath of what it was like before all this happened I. Mean you know we're for me the the things that make the movie just. Feel, special to me is. It's it's the kind of film that you can't really make in quarantine at all. It's film that it's not like a giant. You Know Effects Laden blockbuster, but it has the the effects that you can only do with people are trained and skillful right which is. People finding hand hand. Real. Martial, artists in. Most cases. Who are are going head to head with choreography that you can't hide right there. This does really feel to me and we seen other attempts before. Like A legit revival of that The film right and? I mean I wanted to kind of dig a little into your inspirations and influences in deciding to. Revive this Jonah to begin with. And here a little more about the way this journey started. Yeah I mean I could have imagined. No. You guys have been tracking project for a long time. We've been you know I, I was with Mike Alaska's my producer and we pitched this at the C. Three Project Market V. C. You know twenty eleven in front of like Daniel Day Kim and Desirous Yamashita in. A Teddy Zee. Like nine years ago when I had a one page treatment and it was just like. A hair we are. So I wish I could say we planned it, but we really just got in by Cheney chin-chin in terms of just shooting this film at the at the end of summer last year two, thousand nineteen, and then we were imposed all the way up until you know when the lockdown started happening and all that stuff. So yeah I mean literally is that Snapshot Wife Before. the pandemic and a lot of ways. So it's just it's just kind of worked out that way and if we waited any any additional months or waited, you know in any way to to shoot the film I, don't think we re we would be here having this conversation. Yeah. So it's Kinda trippy looking back on just the timing of it all.

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