No charges against Wisconsin officer who fatally shot teen


Charges will be filed against WalMart tells the police officer Joseph MENSA for the fatal shooting of Alvin Cole outside Mayfair Mall last February. Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisum says men says use of deadly force was necessary and that he would not be able to disprove self defense calls Family attorney Kimberly Motley, speaking afterwards that they will continue to fight for a conviction, saying that the shooting was justified. And that's really important because normally for these things if he believes that he will say that Motley also points out an independent investigation into Mensah's three past officer involved shootings should be enough to get him fired. MENSA currently on suspension, protesters were able to get onto the interstate system around the market interchange this evening following word of the MENSA decision W. T. M. J's Alex Crow, frustration and anger, those two emotions shown most by protesters. After finding out that what we toast the police officer Joseph Menzah would not face charges for the shooting death of Alban Cole. Those protesters immediately started marching towards the interstates in a clash with police occurring on the on ramp police arresting several protesters before they got onto the on ramp. Even more protesters on the interstate law enforcement officers on scene, including Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputies end Milwaukee police officers

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