Bill Barnwell on Bears versus Packers

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Watching bears and packers and aaron rodgers to the surprise of literally. Nobody just decimated the bears and mitch trubisky forty one to twenty five so i wanna turn this conversation to the horse race. The mvp conversation because there really hasn't been a wire-to-wire front runner. This whole time. We've seen the pendulum kind of swing. Russell wilson kyle murray. Was there for hot. Second mahomes obviously and aaron rodgers who remains squarely in the thick of it after an off season full of drama around jordan. Love being drafted at quarterback and yet there is aaron rodgers just dominating again robert tanya and guys at touchdown to robert tanya made aaron rodgers the eleventh. Qb in nfl. History to pass for more than fifty thousand yards the second-fastest so where are you on. The whole rogers ram vp. Okay so i. I'm inclined to pick. Patrick mahomes by choice right now. And i think the only thing separating those two with russell wilson third is that one disastrous game. Rogers had against the bucks earlier this season. And i think if you're going to make a case for rodgers. Mvp to start with the idea that he's doing more with less and mahomes has to work with. And wilson has to work with the homes of course has a dominant group of receivers with Terry travis kelsey leading the way. Russell wilson has decay metcalf and tyler lockett and we talked about this before the season. Rogers has devante adams and a lot of question marks. Rogers has injuries and opt-outs affecting his receiving corps from week to week and on top of that. The guys who are extra showing up are posting the second highest drop rate for any quarterback in the league and yet when you put rodgers back there even against a very good defense which the bears are. There are stretches this year. He looks absolutely untouchable. The bears had no answers for him on sunday night. So the other

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