Governors to decide who gets vaccines first, health secretary says


Services Secretary Alex Cesar is expected to meet with the nation's governors today to talk about plans to distribute Corona virus vaccine once it becomes available. NPR's Windsor Johnson reports, the U. S. Is preparing to roll out the first doses in the coming weeks. Secretary A czar tells CBS News that he and Vice President Mike Pence will speak to the nation's governors to discuss the vaccines and which groups of people should be prioritized to get them. First people in nursing homes the most vulnerable be thinking healthcare workers who are on the front lines of most interacting with suspected covert cases. As the first tranches of people that will try to get vaccinated. A czar says the first to Corona virus vaccines could be available to Americans before Christmas. Pharmaceutical giant Fizer has already filed for emergency use authorization from the FDA. Another developer. Madonna is expected to file today. Windsor Johnston NPR news. Then there's the

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