Families are Bored, So Classic Toys Are Hot Again


You know good old fashioned tonka trucks. Barbie dolls and legos are hot again shirts. The holiday shopping season a time when toy sales usually sore. But that's not the reason for this specific spike. The pandemic has changed toy buying habits. According to the washington post parents seeking to entertain board kids and get them off their devices started searching for toys and games that didn't have buttons are screens and they found what they were looking for on the shelves of some of the country's most iconic brands mattel home to such names as hot wheels. Love him and fisher. Price has been watching. Its long loved labels fly out of warehouses at the same time. The company watched it stocks soar. Nearly eighty percent over the past. Six months it's barbie who's leading the charge. However sales of that iconic doll jumped nearly thirty percent in the third quarter the largest quarterly increase in at least two decades. But today's barbie isn't the same tall blond you may remember. In recent years mattel has made barbie dolls more inclusive for years ago. The company introduced curvy tall in petite versions of the dolls. Earlier this month mattel announced barbie extra dolls align a five dollars that have varied body shapes skin tones and features and customers loved finding barbie pals who looked like them so much that some of the new dolls are already sold out according to the washington post toy sales have been something to smile about an dismal retail sector market research firm. Npd group says toy sales are up. Nearly twenty percent year-over-year and parents are turning to the toys of their own childhoods classic playthings like dolls trucks. Let kids amuse themselves for as long as they want. The report says. There's no game over until mom or dad. Say-so board games and puzzles have been other hot sellers. Which has been good news for mattel. Rival hasbro game and puzzle sales spiked nearly ninety five percent in the first two months of the pandemic according to the group when summer hits sailed slowed but many expect another spike as people head back indoors the washington post reports in the third quarter sales of hasbro's monopoly scrabble and dungeons and dragons jumped more than twenty percent according to fox. Business news indicating. That kids aren't the only ones in need of entertainment. Some adults are looking to get in on the fun themselves.

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