A highlight from Everest Cleaning, Repeat


The weight hi i'm calling your host for the good news podcasts. And i'm neil the other host the good news. Podcast is your source for good news fun stories auditory delight and sonic joy. We're bringing you all of this goodness from beautiful downtown chicago on the canucks. Three name the tallest mountain. One-two-three ka mount kilimanjaro. Ever a everest. Tallest don't know. I don't know you asked me. I thought know i. i don't know. I think it fluctuates between k. To an everest right depending on the day of the week. Yeah any day of the week the season. I guess you're saying the season. Yeah so everyone's climbing everest right to prove it because it's there know i don't know why climate it's cold. I think it's people who yeah. Yeah it does yeah stain. It's really dangerous. That's really dangerous. And here's the thing. Coleen people leave their trash when they're on their high keiser. That's a huge problem. It's a huge problem. So the good news. I'm very pleased to bring you our drones cleaning up the track. I wish it were dead. This comes directly from a website called breaking asia dot com my breaking news not like snapping scaling almost eight thousand meters from base camp to the closest camp to the summit a fourteen strong team retrieved more than ten tons of trash. There was flown or driven to recycling centers in katmandu so just like fourteen locals. Bust an ass getting up there. Dna dad when their job and this comes after a change has been made so you pay thirty thousand dollars to climb mount everest. Is that how much it costs us. This is a bunch of wealthy people claiming amount and for us and leaving all their garbage. Yes yeah and six years ago should find them. Well i it's funny. You mentioned okay. Six years ago nepal implemented a four thousand dollar rubbish deposit per team like a team of ten people are team of five people. I don't know if if each person on the team brought back like twenty pounds of trash. Roughly yeah they would get their deposit back what is going on with. How are they generating trash. I aren't this really really tired. And you're like you're leaving climbing equipment. You're leaving off air tanks like you've got oxygen tanks up their rivalry just delirious totally song ct robin off left and right gear it's gear. I think it's mostly geared but probably also like gel pouches showdown off got a gel energy ap. Oh man gotta gel up. But i do think it's interesting that this four thousand dollar rubbish deposit was not enough. Yeah to encourage people to do it because it it arguably wasn't super successful so they must have so they must weigh each individual person. Wait no no way each individual person but then like i imagined when you were coming down you would have lost weight. Whoa yeah right. Yeah just physically. Yeah so then. How do they take account for how much weight you lost or not. That's why it didn't work. I didn't work right. i thought i had it. Nobody in the meeting just said what i said. We have to weigh them. I mean i can't imagine how exhausting it is. I can't even fathom it. You're saying let's have some empathy for the climbers. I have a little bit of empathy. But also it's super expensive so they're not. It seems like they are people who are really intentional about doing the thing. Yeah so they. They knew what they were getting into. I don't know if anyone has climbed mount everest and wants to call in. We'd love to hear from you. Yeah plays we. Don't hear about your story. You financed it also. How much weight did you lose. Yeah how much garbage you digitally. How much garbage did you lose much

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