Trump and the Republican Party at odds with claiming fraud


President Trump isn't ready to concede the election. But from the looks of things, it's all over. But the tweeting shuriken sue every state in the country, and who knows the Democrats very well may have stolen it from him. I mean, at this point, I trust the Democrats as much as I trust the finger sandwiches, a Jeffrey Dahmer's house, But if the president is going to say there was voter fraud at some point, he has to show us some or he's the one perpetrating fraud and to be clear. I like the president, but I like our country more, which is why I don't want anyone undermining the legitimacy of the election. The Democrats have spent four years doing exactly that, saying the president cheated with Russia with zero I'll prove it all. It's why we are where we are today, with half the country questioning the legitimacy of the election, but the country could trusted a lot more if the president told him too. Which is why I say Put up or shut up, Mr President. Not only will you help the country now, but it will make things a lot easier on the Republican nominee in 2024, which could actually be him. If he ends this gracefully. Buckle up, folks, because if you think the country has worked up about this Trump campaign, wait until the

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