Interview With Gabriela Gonzales


Welcome green connections radio. Gabby and thank you for joining us. And keeper having me joan. Just a correction. I'm not quite done with my just yet. I hope to graduate next spring. Oh good you're gonna get at asu right arizona state university s right. That's a whole nother topic. They've been doing a lot. I know i know michael crow and He's been doing extraordinary work there. So first of all you guys are in two of worst places right now. You're in california where there's fires raging in your in arizona where corona virus is reaching. So how are you doing. How team how is your. How is everybody. Oh thank you for asking You know thankfully a great company when it comes to dealing with crisis of any nature and They really support Their employees to do what they need to do. You know putting family first whenever we need to Putting our employees. I whenever we need to and just making sure that we're taking care jet both Physically as well as You know for psychological safety. So i think Now with the fires and not to mention portland is also one of our bigger sites in fires in the in the pacific northwest Have been again fortunate to work for a company that for the most part outside of manufacturing offers quite a bit of flexibility to cope it through all of these fires they put out a different benefits And extend benefits and create you benefits to help Again employees that are distressed by things like wildfires or environmental concerns with respect to cope it. I mean this is definitely Again one of those Own going situations that started back in march of this year where the company just really came forward. I think like like we've never seen before to support Employees working from home providing remote support and help everything from they're gonna mix to furniture and computer equipment And you know just really really Empowering employees to make the best decisions for themselves in terms of working from home as well as Really assessing the situation. Day to day to understand when when and if is the best time For employ start returning to the office environment. Oh good i'm so glad well please give give everybody. I know they're my best. I really hats off. Okay stay safe. This leaders have a unique challenge because especially companies like intel. Your supply chains are across the across. The world and completely disrupted employees as you say are working from home. The sauce the bottom line to serve right. I mean you can't pay people if you don't stay in business right and there are a lot of changes going on than technology world from your competitors to your suppliers and your partners etc. So what is intel doing differently as a business during this these crises may have you changed. Have you switched your supply chain. Have you altered business practice in any way. I mean how is the business doing. I'm probably not the best person to comment on what the business is doing. I mostly re percent that into foundation and You know as far as the business goes. I think i can say is that the business is responding to the market as best as we can

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