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10 of 13 for 123 yards and a touchdown strike to Brandon Smith. Goodson has eight carries 36 yards. That's a 4.5 yard average and two touchdowns and Brandon Smith with three catches for 35 yards. Including the touchdown throw of 11. Rocky Lombardi is seven of 10, but for only 32 yards there, put some heat on him and he's getting rid of the ball where they had one drop, too. But he gets drivable real quick. He's got real quick motion box of rush for 80 years, Michigan State 13. Iowa with 203 yards of offense in a quarter in four minutes. Michigan State with 45. That's still what those of the stance we like to hear. A lot better. In the first couple of weeks. In time of possession, I was had the ball 5.5 more minutes. The shoe deck with the wind at his back now line up. You can just about guarantee where this ball is going. Back deep is Naylor has got a swift kill. Alright just when I bring it up, and it's caught in outta bounds. Michigan State America. Fullback. Oh, they tried to cross him up didn't have well, they did it and They let it go out of bounds. Receiver touched the ball prior to going out of bounds. It's first down. The 36 yard line. Please reset the game clock to 11 15. Julius Prince was right there, though, And so I think that was probably not probably play by Jack Mandaric. Who's a reserve safety. So Michigan State they get good field position. Decent field position, 26 yard line. 1st and 10. Michigan State. Iowa 21 to nothing over the Spartans with 11 just over 11 minutes to go first half stay with us at halftime.

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