Donald Trump Is Still not Conceding To The Election Results


Donald trump is still refusing to concede after losing the us election and is insisting that he won citing baseless claims of voter fraud. He's backed up by most of his republican party and together. They're ignoring the will of the people the very foundation of democracy brian classes and associate professor in global politics at ucla and a columnist for the washington post and has written extensively on these subjects. Brian is this aku. no it's not. And the reason for that is because a coup has a very specific definition. Which is a seizure of executive power by military force. And that's not likely to happen in the united states but it is potentially going to be something where the republican party and trump are attempting to seize power after. They've lost an election which is extraordinarily dangerous for democracy. And even though it's not easy to succeed in it is. I mean there joe biden. We'll get inaugurated on january twentieth. The amount of damage is doing in faith in the democratic institutions and the democratic process of the united states enormous. And so we shouldn't take lightly i mean. Can you imagine the international reaction. If this was happening elsewhere in the world. Latin america africa. There would be a huge global outcry. Why are so many colluding with the emperor's vision of his new clothes. It has happened elsewhere in the world we had an election. a couple of years ago in the gambia in west africa in which gem lost the election and then claimed that he wanted and tried to stay in power and there was a threatened military intervention To remove him and eventually forced him out. So you're you're absolutely right. It would be treated differently and very seriously the reason why people are going along with it is twofold one is on the international stage. You have hesitancy because of geopolitics. So you know. Boris johnson would condemn this. If it was happening in west africa he won't condemn it in the us because he's worried about the blowback from the trump administration the last seventy days and on the domestic stage. The republican party is going along with it because they've made a calculation unfortunately that they think that it's best to keep the base fired up and also they don't want to alienate the base by breaking with trump before. They think he's had his time to sort of run his course so they've made a very cynical strategy Part of their game plan. And it's as i say it's doing immense damage because a majority of republicans now something between seventy-five and eighty five percent of republicans. Believe this election was stolen. Despite every piece of evidence pointing to this being one of the most well managed and well executed elections in modern american history. So at what point does it. Democratically elected leader become a dictator. It's a very good question. It's a gray area. It's it's basically win. They have taken power and failed to relinquish it in accordance with the democratic process. And so this is an instance where if trump were to stay in power illegally then yes of course We would have to stop talking about the. Us has democracy. What we have now is an attempt right. I believe that the democratic institutions of the us even though they have been battered under the last four years in our very damaged are strong enough that in this instance it won't prove successful and i think if we do actually game out the idea of him somehow trying to stay in the white house after january twentieth wouldn't the. Us shut down. There would be there would be riots. There would be violence. There would be general strikes. I mean it's it's unfathomable because even though that chunk of the republican party the hards believed that trump's somehow one or that the election was manipulated. And they're wrong about that. Eighty percent of the country knows joe biden one which is depressing. It's only eighty percent because it's quite clear that he won but it still overwhelming and therefore it's impossible to imagine Trump stained power without enormous backlash to that. And i don't think the republicans would actually go along with it once you get to that stage. I think they're indulging him because they think it's a ploy but i don't think that they would let him stay in power beyond inauguration day and i'm guessing that also republicans don't want to alienate the voter base. That may well get them to senate seats in georgia on the fifth of january. Yeah it's an interesting strategy this because of just in terms of pure it's obviously extraordinarily cynical but if we're evaluating interest from the merits of strategy as effectiveness there's a potential for blowback here right if you tell people that the elections are stolen from you in places like georgia. There's a risk that people in georgia who are republicans. Don't vote right. I mean they have. They have to get their base out and so even though they might be fired up about the the narrative that the republicans are selling them the narrative selling them as saying don't matter because they get rigged anyway which is again not true but some people believe that to be true and you wonder if on january fifth which is not a normal time for people to be voting. Usually special elections have low turnout whether the democratic base which is going to be very fired up for this could have a boost from the fact that some georgia republicans will say. Forget about it. I i don't wanna vote. Because i've heard all these conspiracy theories that my vote won't be counted anyway so you mentioned the danger for democracy an and as he also said one presumes that eventually he will have to go but how much damage can inflict before he does. I mean one area would seem to be how we view democracy in the future and would perhaps appoint to a changing of the constitution. Which really only has a couple of paragraphs on the office of the president. And i guess it relies. It's soft guidelines isn't it relies on on the good nature. The good faith of the president to to behave in a presidential way. Maybe that needs to change. Yeah i mean. I think the story Of the post trump era could be one. That's very optimistic. For democracy depending on how the senate seat elections go Because as you rightly point out what he's done is exposed. How much of american politics relies on norms and the sort of good faith that people in elected office will obey those norms. And what could happen as happened. After watergate with richard nixon is an attempt to codify right into law the norms so that they can't be up for discussion and i think this would be a very positive development that being said he can do enormous damage. He's got seventy four days in office and you know he is poisoning Republicans in particular in terms of their minds thinking about democracy. And that matters. I mean you have to have both parties believe in the legitimacy of the other party when they went elections if you want to have a democracy survive and right now that is not the case. And i you know. It's the first time in at least modern american history. That's been true so we do need to pay very close attention to what he's doing in terms those soft aspects of democracy. Now he's mark espa the defense secretary since then. There's been a run of firings and resignations at the top of the pentagon. John now has his people in place. And he's ousted those whose who would defy will. What might he try and achieve here. I mean could. He bring troops home from afghanistan in time for christmas. As long said he would thereby further destabilizing the region could he provoke conflict with iran leaving biden with a huge issue to deal with. Yeah this is one of the mysteries. I mean trump. You usually can understand trump pretty well by looking at ego narcissism personal interest financial interests. The question here is whether that explains these moves. As well so one narrative of course would be espa stood up to him on various things like deploying the military to quash protests and said. I'm not going to do that. And this is payback for him to fire him but there is some other stuff going on. That makes me wonder if there's more to this story like for example. A series of arms deals that have seemed to be arms transfers. It seemed to be concluded with various middle east Dictatorships and the question is is trump trying to do something to us foreign policy or is he trying to provide favors to countries that he may have future business interest in because his financial empire is going to be under enormous when his debt gets called in after he leaves the white house and there could be some Interest for him in trying to curry favor with some foreign governments in which towers may sprout up in the coming years. I don't know but Tinkering with national security drain a already volatile. Lame duck period is extremely dangerous. And it's not just the firings it's also the fact because he refuses to accept biden's transition biden hasn't started getting the presidential daily brief so he's not up to speed on all the threats facing and all of that means that it's less likely that biden will be as ready as possible on day one and that is something that should not be a partisan issue it should be for all americans to care about and of course he's not getting the funds that are meant to be released for the transition team either and there's a deadline for the legal challenges and as you say it's unlikely any of them will stick to to the degree that they changed results. So how and. When is this going to end well. Presumably what will happen is the certification deadline which is coming up in a couple of weeks for the various states. will come and go with certifications so that you know the new times called or email. All of the secretaries of state who are in charge of elections in in all fifty states and one hundred percent of them said that there was no fraud in their states and in fact trump's lawyers are saying the same thing in court when they're pressed right. The judges are are you. Are you alleging fraud. And they're having to say no because the lawyers actually have to inhabit reality so at some point the results will be certified and once that happens. It's a legally binding certification. That trump has lost the election so i think that the delusion will increasingly become a fringe view. It will still exist. Trump may never accept that he lost but as long as he's out of the white house on january twentieth limits the amount of damage he can do because it will be the end of his time in real power. Brian thank you very much indeed.

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