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Hello everyone welcome to another episode of the tennis. Dot com podcast. I'm one of your hosts nina pantic. I'll be joined by irena falconi as usual. Our special guest is doubles. Pro nick monroe. He's currently ranked inside. The top hundred in doubles has been as high as number two hundred fifty three in singles and number thirty doubles. He recently reached the quarterfinals of the french. Open with tommy paul. And he's probably one of the most motivated guys on tour. The bodies having a passion for the game in our interview with him he shares what keeps him going and it's really really impressive. He tells us what's been the hardest part of twenty twenty. What cova testing is like all. The different tournament bubbles that he's been a part of why he's been teaming up with singles players so much lately including frances tiafoe at the upcoming australian open and he shed some insight into what it's like working with his father from a very young age and even now after twenty years on the atp tour and he also tells us why austin is such a good home base for him. He's become one of the newest faces on tennis john alive and doing some commentary. We ask him all about that experience. Let's get into our interview with nick. Monroe all right nick. Monroe welcome to the podcast. How you doing great. Thanks for having me tell us where you are you back home with where we're in the world are you. Yes i'm in austin texas right now. discuss back a few days ago from europe so i spent almost two months over there. playing the french open alone and antwerp so few events over there and and so yeah just happy back home but i feel like it's been awhile since i've been back home but but it feels good to be able to play tennis again but now back home and enjoying that side of it. Are you shutting it down for the year you done. Yes shutting down for the year. I think there's only a couple more tournaments left on the calendar. Atp wise in a few challenges but we Were having to go to australia. Kinda mid december like december fifteen. Sixty something like that suspended down for the year and then and then gear up for heading over there was for you the hardest part of the shutdown and where did you spend not period. What ours far. The shutdown was just not having any idea. When we're gonna play again you know and just kind of trying to figure out schedules and you know. Should i practice this week or next week or you know what kind of preseason should i have leading into whatever. The events might be But i spent my entire time in austin. Texas home base Might you're at my wife. My dad lives here. My brothers use a lotta a lotta time And yeah i mean it was actually. A joke is is a longest time that i've spent in austin in ten years. I've been here ten years the longest you know few months. I was here back to back. Which norma down for a few weeks a month or something but you know to be here for two and a half months was fun you know. I got to see a different side of austin. I got see the hot side of austin. I never really been here. Got it in the beginning of summer. He's it's hot here. You know people are like yeah. Living for ten years. I was like i never. I never knew the side of austin so this is new yaser. Yeah this is normal. Wasn't normal for me so he asked the great. It's been great. I mean you just have to kind of just roll with the punches and take the positive out of family's not a bad thing. Yeah no hanging with family was great and again it was just. It was more decided. Like oh wait when training. Or what do i start doing you know and just not having an something to work for but but then once we on a new term coming back in a certain date that yeah we get back it knowing you though you probably never stopped working out yeah. I didn't really stop working in the gym. I love that side of it. I love this kind of trying. Stay as fit as i can be. Try to be the best athlete that i can be. Which winston can help on a tennis court whenever you start actually hitting balls so it shows where creepy where a lot of players that we talked to your base in florida and california. Tell me why austen what drew there. You know what i moved here. Ten years ago there was a coach. Grant doyle who worked the same query and ryanair said Back in a day so coach grant who i knew from a long time ago. So he was he was here and so ten years ago. I wanted to work with him. my best friend from college jeff boyd weights on his way to carolina was living here. So kinda worked out. I was like all right. I'll work with gran. If my buddy jeff and i'll just kind of dry i was doing and and yeah so it really worked out fell in love with the city You know and brain actually left after few years by the city stayed here ever since so and the next thing you know. My brother moved here about four years ago. My dad was here a couple of years ago and my mom lives in dallas. So everyone's kind of close by that's really cool. So who do you ain't with now. So now i mean my dad. So my dad coach we from years old So yeah so. I'm i'm working with 'em and and then A lot of beauty players are close by in downtown austin so ut is just the two minute drive away. So i hit with a lot of the guys there in an initial local as with. But it's very. I mean it's great training base. I work with land sutin. Who worked with. Andy roddick on the Business side of things so career so lance my fitness trainer. He works major league. Baseball guys will have a good team here. in just yeah i mean i just really enjoyed austin very laid back and It's a great spot to be.

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