Police detain two after receiving tip about armed group at ballot-counting site


By now they are counting ballots in a Philadelphia the Pennsylvania Convention Center. And police say they broke up an alleged plot to attack the center. Last night. Two armed men for Virginia were arrested in center city as we hear from K Y W's my authority. Police say two men and a silver Hummer were taken into custody overnight near 13th and Vine. A tip led them to a uniquely decorated vehicle. Bomb sniffing dogs checked it out first, then police got a search warrant to go inside. They did find weapons in there, but I haven't said exactly what they found. This was a pretty distinguishable vehicle. A silver Hummer with a big American flag and Cuban on stickers on the back Human on is a group that has spread some far right conspiracy theories. Police haven't told us much about the men. They took into custody or what was found in the SUV, and we still don't know what they might have been planning. Somebody called the cops and told them that those guys were armed with our fifteens and planning to attack the convention center, which is, of course, where the votes in Philadelphia are being counted and where protesters from both sides have gathered. Homeland Security is now investigating.

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