3x3 BTG: 40 yrs. of 'Triumph' w/ special guest Matthew Allen


And then got the itis. Oh that oldest does have nothing. Real thing But we are man. What kind of say how. How does the universe. You've always working things out. We have a very very special desk with us Just excited this. How things happen on the internet. You put things out there like hey we do this and you reach out and you connect so we're so glad to have matthew allen with us and Matthew wants to tell the folks in a little bit about yourself about your podcast. You're talking my off air because we want we want folks to know and we go support you and And we look forward to this conversation tonight. So yeah just anything anything. Well thank you so much. for Let me be a guest on this podcast. I feel like. I'm talking to celebrities right now. Because i all you guys so much My name was matthew allen. The welsh format live in living color from brooklyn new york and I am the creator and host of the offense near the podcast music album debate podcasts that you can find at big cloud dot com and it's got some great stuff you talk about this album. And one of the episodes we've talked about triumph versus destiny. I'll be do janet Rhythm nation versus control comments like chocolate versus be and We watching soon. i'll be got some. I've recorded episode so far during this. This pandemic i got two more to go before. Do the launching will attend episode season with the five episodes at me. I ended in the five new episodes One of the new episodes is going to be a marvin gaye episode. We have a merger brides serve It's going to be some great stuff and The it's exciting. I love music. I love writing about music. You can find my work on the show currently I'm a writer with them. I've written for the evan for ebony. Jet village his rebel music academy nyj award winner for an article about black artists in the grammy awards. And yes. oh. I know a little bit about a little bit more is the this is what i love you more than a little bit. But this is what makes makes these these conversations so rich and just having Studied different perspectives and You know what we're gonna do tonight. Really don't have an agenda But we but we but we are gonna talk about a great. I think now my stars some car controversy here in my humble opinion i think this is their best so so let me back. So we're talking tonight. About forty years of triumph from the jacksons releasing in one thousand nine eighty october. I don't have this exactly but it was What yes also because today is the first and it was sunday that we were talking about this. yeah eighteen. Thank you c. C. but yes forty years of triumph and yeah in my opinion is their best album and i think part of as as some your may know listening watching whatever but we will explore You know this is. This is right in the midst of Off the wall in a sense. And so you start. You see obviously michael picked from people that On the quincy train to come over and help with with triumph and it really just shows in in the whole production but So let me just pass. We saw what you matthew like Anything from you know from the outset as far as your feelings about the album and we just kind of go from there. Yes in my humble opinion This is their second greatest. Okay i i will say this is their first. I would say just from an objective standpoint Destiny's probably their best body of work from beginning to end. I have a. I have a very Personal standpoint Destiny is that you know quite seriously saved my life. When i was a kid i was still really low about things. And you know queuing songs like. That's what you get for being polite and bless his soul away. Those songs that was from. I realized that other people felt the way that i felt about this. And when you're twelve thirteen year old kid. A black kid lives in a white neighborhood. That's to wipe for black kids into black for white kids. Modi story comes in handy of course you know. I love their i. I love their first album on epic with Gambling for That's that's that's a flawless record. Blue basically tribe is a special special piece of their cannon because the fact that is coming right off of off-the-wall as you said before a lot of players off the wall came into the fold people like on david williams people like great villain gates was offered destiny jerry. Hey came aboard and helped out came from off the wall and quincy's as quincy causing his eighteen hours collecting posse. She came aboard myklebust brum so it all worked worked out. Well i think that Just in terms of songwriting. This is extremely strong. Album is That really stands out amongst its peers. But if i'm being totally honest as a music journalist and as michael allergist holds us back from being the greatest in my opinion is It's mixing engineer. That's mixing engineering on the album. Come from brucie damn than go into this record it. It's it comes off a little bit flat a little bit hollow in terms of like just the recording the mixing of bottom. I think that if i was involved in the in the actual engineering album it could have truly been special special for reasons but it really could've could've just at that explores in that. I think that songs like can you feel it could use songs like Walk right now. We'll talk about later. But i just think from our standpoint. I think the brothers really. They took the salaries of of measuring up to offer. Laws is really what it was. I think that when i did destiny that had something to prove in terms of writing their own material period path with flying colors but now they have to prove that they can keep up with quincy. Michael break villain gains in those templeton so they challenge themselves to go up to that standard and michael did as well and they certainly took the challenge by the horns and it really really shows. I just think that. I have that one on the engineering That really holds album. Backbeat going over the top for my personal pick for me and amino mike window having some stuff is just for those. I love you but no no no no. No you brought the tune getting through. You

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