What Makes a Strong Brand? | Interview on FMC Fast Chat


This is gary v audio experience. You know gary bainer check as the boss of bainer ex and banner media. He's also a sought after public speaker of five times bestselling new york times author and a celebrity in his own rate. So we want to welcome vein or check. Thank you so much for joining us today. We're thrilled to have you with us. How you doing. I'm well thank you for asking. I hope everybody's watching is doing well. First question we'll get right into it. Since it's thirty quick minutes with you is how have you been doing with the pandemic. How has it impacted you it's It's reinforced most of my lives. Life's beliefs which is I'm grateful for the health and wellbeing of the people i loved and after that everything is secondary. I've always believed that from a business standpoint. Don't show me a peacetime general. Show me a wartime general. And how she or. He would navigate that. I think we had ten years of quote unquote piece k. Bassett prosperity so. I was curious how everybody would act with the first level of adversity though the pandemic played out in a way where it wasn't universal you know issues. There's been clearly because of the of the way the buyer sacks winners and losers right. There's been companies that have exploded and there's been companies that have have had. If i owned a restaurant that was completely built on its local foot. Traffic in times square for example is great as i am with uber. Eats marketing and innovating to you know get into a place where the least justified the ability so nonetheless i would say a dumb well. It's a. It's been a reaffirm of the things i believe and as long as everyone in your in your family's healthy about business wise at has everyone been taking care of themselves as the schedule changed all. Listen i mean. I have a company called bain wrecks. We have a lot of companies. You know veep propane. Or productions is taking a bloodbath. We aren't doing live sheets You know beaner speakers. You know is taking a bloodbath. We aren't booking our speakers including myself to do public. Speaking which you know is the reality of it. Beaner commerce commerce business that we stood up quietly two years ago but we're publicly about to announce it in may got announced and is doing extremely well given the fact that people are leaning t e com and the major business beaner media and gallery media. Group are publishing side. Had very tough. I three months calibrating cash flow issues. Calibrating clients that may go bankrupt calibrating. People cancelling things they've committed to and and me and ryan hardwood and the other leaders have flourished since then and have built back up and sasha group james or senior which is really being media for. Snb's and mid sized companies has done quite well given the nature of our craft so all in all in two thousand twenty one i think will be very grateful for what twenty twenty did from a pure business because it led up led to the deep education of what digital marketing cannon does do when you media and creative together in the social media channels what it can do for business instead of checking the box and i think long term for our world that will be

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