Judgment Will Come (Joel 3:14)


Joel chapter three verse fourteen multitudes multitudes in the valley of decision for the day of the lord is near in the valley of decision this is really a summary verse in a sense for the book of all throughout this book. You see mention of the day of the lord which had meaning certainly in giles. Day as god through joel was warning. His people that his judgment was coming that they would be sent into exile because of their sin. But there's a bigger picture here to in the book of joel because we are seeing a picture of the day when judgment from god ultimately comes for all people before him multitudes multitudes in the valley of decision for the day of the lord is near in the valley of decision. The picture is crystal clear here. All over the bible you and i will one day stand before god as our judge and his judgment will be final. That is a sobering thought. The joel chapter three verse. Fourteen is teaching. The bible teaches now for all who have trusted in. Jesus we look forward to that day not because we have done enough things in order to be judged by god worthy to come into heaven and spend eternity with him no the farthest thing from it. We are knowledge and for that day because of what we have done. We're looking for that day. Because of what. Jesus has done for us and through faith in him. We look forward to the day when we will stand before god as centers not deserving of entrance into eternal life with him yet by faith in jesus his death on a cross for us his resurrection from the grave his righteous life accredited to us we will be welcomed into eternal life with him so i would just ask you as you're listening to this like. Do you have that kind of confidence. That kind of anticipation when it comes to that day if not. I urge you to trust in jesus valley of decision. You're in it. Decide to trust in jesus and when you do and for all of us who would say yes. I look forward to that. They have trusted in jesus. Let's look around us and see multitudes of people where we work in our neighborhoods among the nations who are in the valley of decision. Who will one day stand before. God is you just think about picture every face you've seen today every person you've interacted with today or will interact with today. Every single one of them will one day stand before god is judge so god we pray you would give us an urgency today to share the gospel with them to call them to decision to urge people to trust in jesus to save them from their sins. Today might not fear the day of judgement. That is coming. The day might look forward to that day. God we pray for this people right around us for people in our families. Friends neighbors coworkers for people in our path that we come across we will. We didn't even know we were going to meet. Gotta repay you give a sensitivity and boldness to share the gospel with them to see them as part of the multitudes in the valley of decision in god is see people far from us like this gallery. Pray for the khorasani turks in iran. Almost a million of them zero point zero percent followers of jesus most never having even heard the gospel. God we pray they right now if they were to stand before you in judgement all of them all one million of them would be cast out of your presence in ever lasting judgment forever. God we pray for your mercy on the khorasani turks. 'cause your church to go to them send out laborers to the khorasani turks. We pray send us as your church to them. Got to help us known to keep this gospel to ourselves that was to spread this gospel among all the nations. Starting right where we live among our neighbors and co workers and friends and family members. God we pray that you'd help us to see the world the lens of joel three fourteen today to see multitudes multitudes of people in the valley of decision we know the day of the lord. The day of judgement is coming. So pray you'd give us baldness compassion. Your love to share the gospel with urgency. In jesus name we pray

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