Jesus The Scapegoat

The Bible Recap


As the day breaks. Jesus has been through three religious trials and the rulers declare him guilty the next step. If they want to enact the death penalty is to present him to the roman governor pontius pilot because only the romans can hand down the death penalty so he's taken from his religious trials to a civil trial with pilot. The people accused jesus of claiming to be a king. since that would pose a threat to the roman authorities. In luke's account they even say jesus had forbidden them to pay their taxes to caesar. But we know that's ally based on his response to them in luke twenty pilot questions about being a king and in john's account. Jesus explains that his kingdom is not of this world otherwise his followers would be fighting. And they aren't. He says he's not there to fight but to speak truth in pilot responds with the question. That has always been popular response to the gospel. What is truth. In luke's account pilot jesus to king herod before proceeding with things. It seems like pilot is trying to find a loophole for having to make a judgment because jesus from another jurisdiction even though his alleged crimes have been committed in jerusalem so he sends him off to king. Herod a higher authority. The king and his soldiers tried to wound and shame jesus by putting a purple robe and a crown of thorns on his head mocking his royalty and send him back to pontius pilot so now pile has to make some kind of judgment call but before jesus was ever brought to pilot for the first time while he was still being beaten and mocked at the high priest house overnight. Pilots wife was asleep in her bed. Having a nightmare about jesus it was so upsetting that she sends word to pilot to leave. Jesus alone maybe. This dream is from god as a means of heaping judgment on pilot when he surrenders jesus to be crucified. Or maybe the streets from satan who continues to try to thwart the crucifixion. Because he knows it means his defeat when pilot returns to the people declares jesus innocent but he offers him an option he says typically on passover. We release a prisoner so should be jesus or this guy named barabbas barabbas is a convicted felon who committed multiple crimes including robbery insurrection. And even murder and the people choose to release barabbas. If you with us during the old testament you may remember the story of the sacrificial goat and the scapegoat from vivica sixteen one goat is sacrificed as a sin offering and the other is set free into the wilderness. This is a picture of that story. Actually that was a picture of this story and it's also a picture of us. We are barabbas. Set free because christ was kept as the sin offering. The people demand that jesus be crucified pilot tries to dodge any responsibility by handing jesus over to the people but no matter how dismissive he is and no matter. How many times. He washes his hands. Passivity doesn't equal innocence as the people respond. They accidentally speak a truth. That is anyone's only hope in matthew. Twenty seven twenty five. They say his blood beyond us on our children realize it but that is the only hope for any of us that the blood of a sacrificed would cover. Our sins is willing sacrifice. Paid for the sins of all gods kids

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