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Hey, hey, hey, good morning to you. I have a an exciting week in store for us. Well, at least for me, I hope it is for you and that is regarding the tag line for virtual data that has been in the center of my heart for Seventeen years now unblock and fold unleash am going to get to that in a moment. But first i'm just telling you that I am not moved in to my six month rental yet. My husband and I are still sort of unbounded untethered we move in tomorrow actually and have been floating around northern Maine for the last week with us being that we are still in the middle of this covid-19 as people like to call it now. We wanted to stay away from the crowd and safe and Ed. As we moved around stay away from human beings as much as we could so we are landing tomorrow in our 6-month rental and I look forward to be having at least some of my stuff in one place. It has been it has been quite a ride, but the ride continues. So without further Ado, let me get to them what we are going to be talking about this week the tag line for Verge. Yoga came about in 2004 before I even opened good friend of mine. Johnny. Gillespie asked me well what your tagline Cara and I'm like, what do you mean tagline? I need a tagline. You said? Yeah, you need a tagline like oh crap. So I allowed the question as I often encourage you to do play with questions drop questions into your Consciousness because guess what you're extraordinarily intelligent and you will come up with them. Answer somehow someway you can just trust it. So I remember laying down and taking a short nap one day and after I had been mulling around what time the tag line forever giaga, and I opened my eyes from the nap and I set out loud unblock unfold and Leash what the heck and I started playing with it and I thought okay, you know what we'll start with this and we'll see how it evolves over time. Well, it has stuck at least for me and I'm going to explain to you off the course of this week what the meaning of Unblock unfold unleash means to me and has meant to thousands of students at virgi Olga. Unblock will just start with that today. It really is the basis of mental Fitness. And you know, I've been talking about mental Fitness and I am all mental Fitness. Now my fridge and mental Fitness is is really the three domains of body brain and biome and how to get to the root causes the root of our imbalances the root of our struggles the root of our aliveness and intelligence and I don't want to play up at the surface. There's enough surface-level self-help out there. What I hope to bring you everyday in 6 minutes or less is route route remedies route practices route protocol protocols. So unblock is this outer level of breaking patterns, which we spent a whole week on a few weeks ago go back and listen. And I and and those patterns are physical mental and emotional. We can unblock patterns through practice through inquiry through looking at through being curious about and I think that the easiest patterns to unblock are generally the physical ones if you think about a yoga practice, we are unblocking tension. We are unblocking tightness. We are discovering where we are where we are stuck physically my hips my hip flexor my back my neck. I'm talking personally here. So unblock is really about identifying and then starting to chip away at obstacles that hold our energy back. In in the in the root definition of yoga. It is about on releasing obstacles that impede Richie or Pro NE Chi energy from flowing through our lives. And so this unblocking is this first level and I gotta tell you we're never really finished with unblocking. I mean, we will always Circle back cuz we will always buy new levels of mental physical emotional tightness and tension that's ready to be released. So my question for you today is is what can you start unblocking? What is ready to start releasing or dissolving? What patterns would start with the physical? Look at your yoga practice. Look at your your your workouts. Where am I stuck? Where am I weak? And then we move into mental and emotional through our brain practices through the meditation practices the inquiry the Stillness the silence the Solitude off for today. We're going to just play with those those layers peeling away the layers where we are stuck where we are tight and tense home and that is how we start to unblock the energy that brilliant Prana G life force energy. Just so waiting to run through you and me through me.

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