Kain Warwick of Synthetix on Where the Company is At

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We're. At and what are your kind of the biggest priority? Yes. I. Published an article today, you know one of the things about device it is so early that it's really hard to predict. You are out what your priorities are going to be right. You can take your best guess but. Startup life and I think you know early stage project is very much about being responsive to the market. You know you just go out there and wish that things were way up to actually deal with the way that they are. and so I think being aware of that we've seen over the last probably two to three months is that the demand for stable allstate acquaintance but decentralized orange as well has skyrocketed, and so we've had the supply imbalance where there's a ton of demand for US USD in up supply. And so we're working on alleviating that by introducing. The latest version of our either collateral, which will allow you to borrow s USD from eight directly. which is not something that's been available before So that's super exciting. And then always the gas prices are are huge issue right now So we've had a number of different optimizations that have been available to us for a long time, which we're just low priority things because you know there's a lot of priorities out there and in a lost. Three to four weeks. We basically just made a call to kind of. Pull some of the documentations out around transaction costs and try not. Muslim but probably, the biggest thing is the transition to. Optimistic. So the L. to solution from optimism team. which is a huge deal desma announcements coming out like really soon, correct me if I'm wrong but you are definitely one of the few projects that is actually working on and kind of you know going live with something that involves a level L. to solution. Right does a lot of solutions out there. Moment but I think this kind of three general categories that that are available right? You've got the hybrid off chain solution. So things like diversified, you wind ex are looking at stock wear. Because you know when you're. Using some state in like an chain solution in a stock wears quite quite a powerful solution APP Ck, your knowledge proofs essentially. Zero roll ups. And then you've got state channels and payment channels and things like that which are not really like generalized computation, but allow for very cheap payments right. So we've got billions of dollars with a stable coins flowing. Around. The theorem these days. And we need ways to kind of optimize that and then I think the the probably the most exciting category are the the actual generalized EDM compatible altitude solution. So optimistic theorem falls into that category where you're literally taking same contracts that you're running on one. And you're deploying them to this other. Chain sexually assaulted chain and so it will be. Other than out demo that we did in the union demo. You know one of the first kind of generalized elsia solutions but I think will will see running on tested initially, and then over sale may not eventually. So super super exotic. Why

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