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End with the president, picking up some minority votes as well. But I just I'm not surprised. It's just that district is never Going to change. Oh, Nino. Thank you. Thank you. It is interesting that the president of United States Donald Trump that horrible, racist New Hitler Did better with Nonwhite voters than any Republican since 1960 1960 was 30% last night, Donald Trump got 26%. It's all different numbers in between those things but that is massive and chose you. Where The disconnect between what the media and the inteligencia say. And what really human beings out there think it is interesting. Just aside here. The New York Times they have a New York Times CNN poll. And it's considered what's a great pole to wonderful port. They overestimated Biden support Significantly And this is part of voter suppression. Make no mistake about view. If people think that the races out is lost, they're not going to go bother. Why bother? Why stand in line? In Florida. They overestimated Biden. Support by 6% in North Carolina by 4% in Wisconsin by 10%. Same is in Iowa. And in Ohio by 9%. They were off by that much well outside the margin of error. It is a complete, complete mess Polling. And polls are not done. To inform the public polls are done. To

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