No Kemba Walker Spells Danger for the Celtics


Me if the Celtics don't have a healthy Kemba Walker by February 1st during major trouble like making kiss. This is a good by going deep in the playoffs. They got no chance you lose Hayward and then you're going to lose Kemba I get you get Tristan Thompson's great as as a auxiliary. Peace, but I I don't think it gives you a much different than what Daniel theis does. He gives you a toughness it gives you a rebound and gives you an athletic hard work and forward, but but it's not like either one of those guys. You can't neither one of them are scores. No, but they don't need a score of their know if they you know, if they if they don't have Kemba, I don't have Kimber. Yeah, right. I know right? Well, that's that's my big issue is if you don't have Kimber Kemba needs to be he's gotta be your number two guy Tatum's clearly your number one now. I don't think anybody would argue with that. But Kim is gotta be your number too. And if they don't have him you go from Kim, but it's Jeff Teague. And again, we didn't see a healthy Kimball last year. We remember Kimba as man. He just wasn't very good in the postseason you forget Charlotte Kemba and if you have Charlotte came up to me, then this team has a chance to come out of the East without Charlotte Kemba. All right, so I agree with that but I still don't think they're disaster. I think there's still a good team good team. Are you better I mean if it were just trying to invalid and prorating how many W's with a truncated season if it were an eighty-two Game season, I'm Kemba Walker. Could be a 45 6:20. Yeah. Yeah, I would I would agree with that but looking at it now without camp for half the year. Let's say let's say he doesn't come back until February 1st. So he's going to miss 2 months of a 72 game schedule. So what's that a third of the year? No not too much six weeks because they're starting on the 23rd of December. Okay, so often so just so I don't have any, you know, the I mean, I don't want to start trying to do math in my head. That's so humorous five weeks five six weeks probably, you know before he gets a hundred percent. He maybe maybe too much but they're going to come back to schedule. So at least 15 games. I'm sure this is why the Jeff Teague signing was so important. Oh it was I was a terrific signing and if I can put him doing what he should you know, how long we know who he is, you know, we know what it is and he's it's a high quality of such a high-quality auxiliary piece. He's a very useful auxiliary teasing. You're right. If you're going to make him a if you want to elevate him into a starter and a guy to your depending on then that's a different matter. But using him the way he said they projected, you know, that was an excellent pick up, you know, so but let's go through Bob without without a healthy camera. Tell me if they're better than any of these teams. Okay with our healthy Kim but like like a 90% Kemba ready Milwaukee. No. Toronto No the Nets. We don't know probably find Miami now clearly not know we go down there. Yeah, Philadelphia Phillies a mystery guest now, we think they saw that they they've done what they need to do. We think. All right. Let's see but I cuz I thought it would suck. Yes. I mean, yeah, I think seven Indiana is better without Kemba. Okay. So you got you got one more to throw in the mix Home Improvement team, but you know as Atlanta they're going to read during pooped on paper. The good thing is the good thing is even without camera there probably a lot for the play-offs but they you're talking about seven problems. I agree. Well, that's you know now why that's true. So I think we can agree on

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