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If you like our show. We think you'll enjoy another awesome. Podcast passport helps you understand the world one place at a time every week. Neil innocent undress bartels. Bring you great music. Incredible interviews and hidden local gems from around the globe. Discover why ufo hunters love peru. Go backstage with jerusalem's hip hop artists and much much more subscribed to passport wherever you get your podcasts. Hey guys it's me she. We'll be back soon with another new. Israel's story episode but in the meantime we wanted to share an update one of our all time favorite stories. The queen rania tree back in the early months of the pandemic. We ran a series of live update interviews. With some of the most memorable people who've appeared on the show over the years. These events took place on our members only facebook community. Which if you haven't yet done. So i really hope you'll join in any event many many. Israel's story fans tuned into these live interviews in got to ask their questions dereck. But we are podcast after all we also wanted to share some highlights of these updates with olive you our listeners. So today we're going to play the original story followed by an edited and shortened version of the update event. We held if you've never heard this story or haven't heard it in years. We hope you listen and enjoy and if you wanna skip straight to the update this go to the last ten minutes or so of this episode. Okay without further ado. Here's the queen rania treat You can't date without be married. That's like the islamic way you can't date someone without marrying them so it's like the ultimate. Let's play russian roulette with your life Way of marriage right. Well let's get married in and let state. Gaza bluey is a palestinian american writer and director. He was born in a refugee camp in jordan. And then when he was two months old the family moved to brooklyn. That's where he grew up and he is a brooklyn night through and fru gaza's family is muslim but he's not religious and that's part of the reason why at age thirty four much to his parents chagrin. He was still unmarried. The arab custom the oldest son usually is the head of the family. That is the case. Here with me will say abu. Which is father of and then the name of the first son and my case for my dad. It's both is e he walks around with this tidal attached to me whether he likes it or not. When you call someone abu something. It's a sign of both respect and familiarity but it also creates this inextricable link between the father's identity and the accomplishments and failings of his eldest son now ghazi single status is definitely seen as a failing and in arab culture is a failing for the same reasons as it is in western culture. Basically people wonder. What's wrong with you and if you've ever been single in your thirties you know what that's like for god's sake that pressure to get married is worse. It's like a scarlet letter. He's walking around with this name. Attached to a son who is not married every time his relatives of those around him ask him anything. It's like so how'd you saw. Did you son you know basically it depresses the guy. His parents offered to find him a nice muslim girl but ghazi refused the last thing he wanted was to get roped into an arranged marriage with someone to religious so his parents nagged him for years and then qazis dad got sick so he had cancer of the kidneys. One of his kidneys. The second operation would remove the other half. I'm walking home with him from the hospital. And he just stopped me at a stop light. And i remember exactly what it was like court court and warren in brooklyn and he turns to me as we're waiting for this light to change and he turns you know. I want to see your children before that statement right there propelled me to do things that i'd never thought i would do. I did something impulsive. I had a conversation my mom. I never thought. I would have with her but i was like. I wanna compromise with the is. I want a woman who is on. The modern side of things were jordanian palestinian. I think queen rania of jordan is amazingly beautiful. If i can find someone like queen rania of jordan. I would be so happy. And so my mom's exact where it's queen rania. The her family's from karam where relatives of i'll tell you. What in to cottam. It's like going to a lemon tree. You could pick all the queen rania z. Y. you can just pluck them out and she did this thing with her hands where she mimed plucking queen run off a tree. And i'm like visualizing like beautiful women hanging like queen one. You're on a tree. That i would just walk out when i got there. So i booked a ticket pinger on where i was preceded to be interrogated and my american passport. American passport has some cachet to it. It's not just any passwords america's mass. So i of walk up and in this disgruntled directing people to either passport israeli control or other international visitors. So i walk up to her. She might think she looked at me. She now knows he sees the arab name she goes What does your purpose to israel. I said i'm going to go see my family through karam to god him. Go over there. And i turn around and i see this little room. Which just like. It's the equivalent of a smoker's room you know. They have these like through windows where people can go in and just smoke. It's such a sad thing. You just see people pacing around smoking and just no one is smiling. No one's talking each other. This was the same room. But it was just full of arabs waiting to be questioned by immigration israeli immigration. And then you're in the kind of hang out and you're wondering why these other people in the room. I mean i can understand the guy with a beard named muhammad. Who was there as all right do you. I mean come on. what were you expecting. I mean there's no way they're gonna let you throw judging people in the little room and then there was this one white european girl. Why are you here. And she took me releasing studies back in oxford. I was like oh so like it's like do you just took wrong class in college and she ended up in the room. I didn't feel

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