Was This Google Ethicist Fired for Doing Her Job?

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It's mary just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The today show is going to sound a little bit different. That's because our friends over at what next. Tvd had a great interview. That just couldn't wait until friday so we're going to switch things up a bit for the rest of the show. You're going to be hearing from lizzie. O'leary i'll be back tomorrow earlier. This fall to meet gebru submitted a paper or for consideration for an academic conference not something. That's particularly unusual for her to meet ethics in artificial intelligence so this is the kind of thing she does but since she was working at google there were some standard pre submission hoops to jump through. Google wanted to review the paper which to me wrote with several of her colleagues and sign off on it and that swinton need says she started getting pushback so this was the week before thanksgiving at four thirty pm. Randomly there's like a meeting on my calendar. Nobody's telling me what it's about. She was told by senior managers that the paper didn't meet google's publication bar and that she should retract it or take the names of google employees off of it to me. Wanted more clarity. On who objected to the paper and why they wanted retracted and said that. If google couldn't provide that information she would resign. This kicked off a few days of wrangling and several intents emails into one night december first to meet was chatting with a woman on her team. One of her direct reports actually was thinking. I was like oh you know what i haven't told her that. This paper thing is escalating so quickly. I probably should tell her about it for women. Is that on this paper. She doesn't know anything about it but before he could tell her what was going on. Her direct report got an email. It was from manager saying they had accepted to needs resignation. A surprise to her. So i text my other report and i say did you also get the same message. She did so texted. Boss and i wasn't answering. It's like eight o'clock or something like that. I was like okay. I think this is fair game. I can just call him. He may whatever. I can interrupt at this point. I call him as i do. You know that my direct reports got this email from megan

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