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I think that idea, camion motivating for a lot of our listeners. You know. Earlier this week, I was reading an article that I found in the business section of our local newspaper called Breakfast Cereal Back in Vogue. I love that title. It's funny. It is funny, but it's scary. It is scary. Well, People are getting tired of cooking for the past several months from being stuck at home. And so they're turning back to serial even for dinner meals, and, you know, we hear this from my clients, so It's not a big surprise, but Now consumers. They're eating cereal. Rather think cooking and just processed food in general, and until recently, the stairs of cereal had really dramatically declined and more and more people were cooking real food for breakfast. However, between March and May of this year, there was a 26% surge and cereal sales. The huge increase it is. Yeah, the cooking fatigue But also people are stress eating. Oh, and I'm hearing that a lot from my client, Britney. When you're stressed, you're feeling emotional. It will turn to carbs and sugar. And you know, as I mentioned for years, sales of that ready to eat cereals were on the study D kind, and people were eating breakfast with protein rich foods from and also for lunch and dinner. In fact, the retail sales of fresh eggs

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