Episode 57 Asking Better Question For Your Beauty Business


Objects right if you know that doing a black friday special is something that has helped other. Pd businesses and us believe it will help your beauty business and you try it and it doesn't work out doesn't mean that you never do it again but you need to say well. Is this going to really be worth my time like. Is this the right strategy or maybe instead of trust trying to throw up anything like oh throw up a random discount. Maybe or a random gift card event. Maybe i just need to focus my energy on other things that i know will actually build my business so again. These are the kind of tough questions and the things that people don't usually think about when growing a business and the reason is because we weren't taught this we weren't really taught how to grow up and beauty business. Nobody said these are the questions that you should ask or nobody said will you know. Think about how you can get this done with less stress. Nobody talks about Right end so overall. What i want you to think about is how you can get rid of the marketing clutter and have more focused on doing what works and make sure that it works for your beauty business in not that you're just copying what other people said you know if somebody said that. Instagram works great for them. But that's not. What feels in alignment with you. Then don't do it right so find what is going to bring you in the greatest return on your investment and then really start to ask yourself those questions about. How can i achieve these goals. And how can i take my business to the next level and the next thing that i would say is really look at how you can get some support. There are fantastic groups and not just the facebook groups just not just the free groups but a group that you can really get some mentorship in and really have someone that is making sure that you hit your goals and making sure that you stay on track and really helping you take your business to the next level can be a great investment that saves you both time and money because the cost of inaction or the cost of going in the wrong direction could be far greater. The cost the money in time wasted of is going to be far greater a than doing that than just getting with somebody that can actually point you in the right direction. So those were the thoughts that i had today. I just wanted to kind of pass. Those on there wasn't what i was originally planning on doing. I was thinking that a lot of times when beauty professionals look at their business. They are asking questions that seem like the right questions but there are deeper layers to that question that will actually get them a better answer right and so when you start to dig a little deeper and you start to ask some questions then you will be able to hit your goals and really get there in a faster easier way and next week. I think we will be talking about holiday. Promotions since it is the season for holiday promotions. And that's it for today. Thanks guys talk to you soon. Thank you for listening to another episode of the beauty marketing. Simplify podcasts and if you enjoy today's episode we would love to hear from you. Make sure you subscribe download and also leave us a review. Let us know any topics that you would like to hear about and also referred to a friend thank you again for joining us on signing off. This is april with britain. Grace hugs and high fine you next week.

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