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York. I'm David first. With these news headlines, President elect Joe Biden has introduced his selections for his national security team. It's an indication of how he'll shift from President Trump's policies. Relying on a group of foreign policy and national security experts from the Democratic establishment. Officials in Hudson County, New Jersey, renewed a controversial contract to continue to jail immigrant detainees for the federal government. County Executive Tom to Jesus and the county Freeholders pledged to end the long standing contract with immigration and Customs Enforcement back in 2018. Now. They say Hudson County needs the revenue given the economic fallout from the Copen 19 pandemic. They also claimed immigrant detainees would lose their attorneys if they were transferred to other facilities. Attorney Sophia grew, Lay says that the stakes were bigger than that. Someone dies on your watch, which is a truly genuine concern. I often have for the detained people. I represent something that has already happened at the Hudson County jail. Their death will be on your hands as much as it will be on Isis. A new contract will

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