10 Strangest And Creepiest Things Found in Storage Devices And Lockers


You can feel comfort in storing your private belongings inside lockers and other storage devices however sometimes the private belongings found inside. These storage devices are rather strange and disturbing number ten. The only time it's acceptable to keep around a headless doll is the five minutes between the dog ripping the head off and discovering it when someone stores headless doll among knives. It's most likely a problem. Robert dewey hoskins who was rearrested after escaping from a mental hospital in february of two thousand twelve was convicted of threatening to murder madonna and that headless baby doll was found in his storage unit in long beach l. a. weekly reports on the ten creepiest items found in the madonna stalker storage unit. Besides the headless baby dolon. Dozens of knives hoskins kept a very scary clown mask. A sumo wrestler back doubt a barbie backpack and so much more number nine. A married couple with two kids made a horrific discovery when the mother mrs copeland found a safe in her ten year old son's room when questioned about where he got it and its contents. He simply pleaded the fifth. Both parents were unable to get any info their son eventually. Mr copeland was the safe open and was shocked at what he found inside. The head of their dog that had recently passed and was buried in their yard was stuffed into the safe. Blood poured out of the box as mr copeland screamed in horror. Their son said he loved that dog so much that he wanted to have a part of her forever so he dug up the body cut off its head with a tiny kitchen knife and stuffed it in the safe that was found by the mother of later on that same day number eight some people like to take their work home with them but dr michael berkeley a former medical examiner took his work to a storage unit in pensacola. And when i say work. I'm talking about body parts for more than one hundred people all this craziness was discovered in august. Two thousand twelve win some poor soul both the contents of dr brooklyn's unit at a storage option. It seems that dr brooklyn's hobby included the storing of ten brains as well as other body parts lungs hearts and tissue samples. Dr burke was thrifty as well as creepy keeping a hard stored in styrofoam cup. Police noted that formaldehyde was leaking from the cracks lid. The body parts which were harvested during private autopsies performed inside funeral homes in florida were also found inside tupperware containers. Trash bags specimen cubs. Interestingly dr berkeley was fired from his job as a medical examiner in two thousand three for failing to complete autopsy reports in a timely manner and for a big backlog of cases number seven unit be aid. And you store self storage in clearwater. Florida held something. That couldn't be auctioned off on. The family fell behind on payments in january of two thousand twelve when the storage facility manager told the family that the contents were going to be sold. The truth came out among the banana boxes and old. Tv's rested the greenwich skeletal remains authorities. Identify the grandma as an bunch born on january. First one thousand nine hundred. Since the woman's death in nineteen ninety five her remains had been stored inside a painted blue coffin in a storage unit. That wasn't air conditioned for seventeen years. Her remains rested inside a warm storage unit. The body had been properly prepared for burial by funeral home. L. bama which explains the lack of odor number six. A lot of people refuse to go to public pools and he'd be. This will be one more reason. An elderly man named jacob pastor who swam in a public pool in colorado used the same locker in the changing room. Every time he visited a lot of the lockers went unused as most people didn't even need to use them and it wasn't a very crowded pool to begin with one unfortunate day however perhaps he had tired himself out a little too much and opened the wrong locker. The one right next to his usual one. The skeletal remains of human fell out from the locker. Almost as if tackling him to the ground by the looks of the body that once was had been there for years as it was fully decomposed. It looked as though somebody had been forcedly jammed in there or perhaps they simply got stuck in their themselves. That mystery will remain unsolved

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