Pandas vs. Penguins

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Hi i'm molly blue. And this is smashed boom best the show where we take two things smash them together and ask you to decide which one is best. Today's debate is between two totally adorable. Extremely popular animals known for their fashionable for and frolic. Some feathers it's pandas versus penguins. Which team will win cuddly. Bamboo munching pandas. Or waddling penguins. We have marin here to help us. Decide hello marin so marin before we dive in i would like to know if you have any particular relationship to pandas. Any feelings about them to begin with. I mean are just so spiritually relatable. I feel like to so many people. They just eat and sleep all day. That's the life. I wanna live. And what about penguins. How do you feel about those cuties. I've had such a childhood connection to them. Since i watched the hit animated movie. Happy feet I don't know i'd say it's equal feelings. Familiarity with both animals so it case people haven't seen happy feet but it's about penguins who wanna dance. The one penguin who doesn't have a song but he has a dance. Oh do you have any tips today for our debaters about how to win you over. I would say be clear and concise about your logic. I love it. Well here to defend peace loving roly-poly team panda. It's katy mcveigh. Hello katy hi there. Katie in just a single sentence. why are pan. Does the smash boom best fashionable amazing idols. Fantastic thumbs. I mean. it's not a sentence so much is feeling of vibes. But that's what the pan is about the vibe and here to rep witty winsome team penguin. It's brandy brown. Hi brandy h-have so brandy tell us why are penguins the cooler creature in one sentence. They've got it all. There are the full package. Pandas penguins might be known for being black and white. But this debate is going to be anything but before we begin. Let's review each round. I we've got the declaration of greatness in this round team panda team penguin will deliver a statement in defense of their side. Their arguments will include emotional stories stunning facts and steely logic. After each declaration the opposing team will get thirty seconds to make a rebuttal. Then we've got the micro around. It's a creative. Both debaters have prepared for in advance. The third round is the sneak attack. It's a surprise challenge. Each team will have to respond to on the spot and for the fourth and final round. It's the final six. Each side will have six words to persuade the judge that their side is the smash boom best. Marin will award two points in the first round one point for the best declaration and one point for the best rebuttal and then one point for the winner of each subsequent round listeners at home keep track of your points as well download a score sheet from our website at smash boom dot org or grab a pencil and paper and make note of team panda and team penguins. Best and worst arguments all right brandy and katie. Are you ready to rumble. Yup yes much panda. I'm fueled up and ready to stare. How about you mark. Are you feeling ready to judge this debate. I'm feeling an excellent that it's time for round one. The declaration of we did a coin flip in katie europe first. Let's hear your declaration of greatness for pandas pandas. We've all seen them with their keith. Faces and stylish looks black always stabbing white. Very crisp and combined terrifically tasteful. I can't wait to tell you all about them but first let's respect. How she they are. Can you imagine them on the fashion runways of paris. Coming down the runway in the latest black and white ensemble. It's the giant panda. I've heard the smokey eye. But the hand i e. We're seeing it today. Black ears to match giant black circles around the eyes with anke black arms upper chest and legs and then snowy white everywhere else with a look like this. Can she ever not be noticed. Won't notice me. She's done it again. Confession time when. I was first invited to this debate. I wasn't a fan of the panda. I thought that they were one. Trick wonders adorable. Bears cute is roly poly stomachs and bamboo. Chomping snouts cute but boring. But wow was i wrong. Pandas are cultural concepts scientific 'nigma 's and environmental ambassadors. Let's talk first about their cultural impact. As far back as the tang dynasty china has utilized pandas as diplomatic ambassadors or representations of the nation china has given panthers to other countries as a gesture of friendship and goodwill panta postage stamps commemorative gold panda coins. Pandas the logo for the olympics. China has gone all in on pandas

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