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Will the nice weather we've had today last through the west of the rest of the holiday weekend. Will talkto Mike Standiford Storm team for Cold front move through several hours ago. Taking the cloud cover with it in this nice weather will continue through this evening with partly cloudy skies and temperatures very mild for late November. And later I will change from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy and we're gonna turn cooler to close the racial 45 to 50 intervals. The cloud cover in sunshine on Friday, not as warmer temperatures still well above average are high Supper fifties to lower sixties. High pressure controls the weather Saturday and Sunday. The great weather patter will continue with sunshine both days and high Saturday and Sunday in the upper fifties or sixties. On Monday, a powerful storm system and a cold front coming away showers in the risk of thunderstorms and the rain could be heavy at times. Eyes on Monday around 60 will turn cooler Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm stomping four meteorologist Mike's Jennifer she until he still at 70 degrees. We've got 68 in Colombia, where 69 in Northwest D C 4 10 down double d T O P. Among the places in our region that's really battling coronavirus, Maryland's prison system. Maryland matters has put together a database

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